How to Outsource Your Medical Billing & Choose the Best Option for Your Practice

The House of Outsourcing is an established medical billing services provider, with a leading outsource billing solution. For over 10 years we’ve specialized in medical billing Outsourcing, improving financial conditions of medical practices, working on account receivables and reimbursement through ethical practices.

Outsource Medical Billing Services

  • Perhaps you are a physician or run your own private practice, and you want to outsource medical billing to a trusted billing agency? We can provide a complete outsource medical billing service in this case. We’ll audit your practice and create a bespoke strategy to improve your practice financial condition, providing detailed monthly reports which show your  growth, increase in revenue, and increase in reimbursement.
  • The basic purpose of outsourcing these services is to improve the productivity of the medical services provider. What else comes with that? There is a lot and we will discuss it thoroughly and will also give answers to the most frequently asked questions about this outsourcing, which can help your medical practice big time.

Less Managerial Issues

Managing medical of any level has never been as easy as it can be if you outsource billing. Medical billing is a tiring job for any hospitals management, which can be simplified through outsourcing. Medical billing may include the following steps.

• Registration of the patient
• Verification of insurance
• Medical transcription
• Medical coding
• Charge entry and charge transmission
• A.R. calling
• Payment Management

One can easily tell how hectic doing all this can be, but a medical billing B.P.O. working for medical billing outsource providers can help with all of this by making them short, more reliable, quick and easy for medical service providers. It will be not much of a process for a patient than giving information to the front desk of the hospital they are visiting or admitted to. All information will be nothing more than the insurance information of the patient and some more.

Hospitals and clinics get the money they spend and the patients get their insurance claims. For a hospital, it is an easy way to keep their managerial issues down as they do not have to keep their staff busy in the conventional hectic process of getting reimbursed.

Better Billing Quality

Medical billing B.P.O.s have experts for work they do, which can help any business, whether medical service providing or any other. So, if you outsource medical billing to billing outsourcing providers, you can get a better result in billing quality. Medical billing B.P.O.s hire trained staff who work according to the best quality measures, making them the best in the business. So, it is a great idea to outsource the medical billing that can give you great results.

Cost-Effective medical billing

Outsourcing can also be cost-effective as it allows you to keep the number of staff low. This is how you can make your hospital more medical oriented, which gives an edge because the hospital does not have to spend their energy and money on non-medical staff and procedures. Similarly, medical practitioners can get their work done no matter which level it is on and the amount of effort that has to be put in.

Improvement in Cash Flow

Sometimes patients do not show promptness in paying for the services you have provided even if you fully deserve it. Such patients can cause issues like slowness in cash flow. So, look no further if you do not want to slow down your cash flow and want a better concentration towards your most important duty of being productive in medical procedures and not the clerical works and worrying for money to come. As this part of your medical service can be the second most important or maybe the most important process for continuing the good work in public health care service, you should never compromise on it.

Improved Productivity and Better Operations

B.P.O.s that provide medical billing and make your work as easy as you deserve as you put a hundred per cent into people’s health care. Similarly, your patients need and want more of your productivity as they contact you for quicker and better health care services. One of the biggest reasons you should look for a medical billing service provider that can take care of the billing management and the procedures that financially run your business.

Billing Compliance

Billing compliance is a must for any hospital and clinic as there can only be one thing you can do at a time. Your staff cannot take care of everything that you need to run your business, One of which is the need to keep your billing in compliance with regulations and make sure you do not go against any compliance regulations. Moreover, such compliance has various prospects that can boost your rating in the eyes of different institutes that deal with medical practice and even government institutes.

Complete Process Handling in medical billing

Any hospital cannot do all the hard, hectic, and time-consuming procedures, which can make the medical procedures slower and harder. So, it is a great idea to make these procedures faster.

Medical billing outsourcing providers can help you make this easier by boosting them up. These service providers help keep the business going great and amazing as they handle the whole process. This handling allows better processing of financial procedures, which they take care of in the best possible way. Most importantly, there is no much effort your staff has to put into keeping the cash flowing in.

The expertise of Billing Outsource Service Providers

Billing service providers have the expertise to carry on the work for you in the most effective manner. They master this and carrying out the procedures effectively allows them to be the best way to keep your work going. So, you can place your trust in these service providers. They master the art of getting you paid for medical insurance claims and reimbursement that makes them the best option for the process of such types.

Saving Your Staff's Time

Carrying out the processes when you are running a business drains out a lot from your staff. You even might have to hire new staff, which cannot only make you financially challenging but also can make you less productive. Saving your staff’s time facilitates your institute’s gross productivity that can help grow your business and make you way more reliable for your patients who place their trust in you.

Enhanced Insurance Payment Speed in medical billing

Errors in billing can make your billing processes slower, which equals slower money reimbursements and slower financial flow. When your billing errors go down, the billing processes get faster, and the cash flows get better. Look for a billing service provider and you will thank them for what they are doing for you. To keep your cash flow optimum, taking services of such B.P.O.s can help you keep the successes rate high and going.

Improved Transparency in medical billing

Billing service providing companies go according to a plan that suits. They provide the reports for all the processes they do and it makes the transparency more visible. You can look into the reports and make your staff more productive as they just have to keep an eye on the fast processes that are being dealt with in the best way without any delays. Such outsourcing as this allows better working results should never be compromised and never be regarded as unimportant. Avail services of such company and be clearer about what you are spending and what profit and expense are like in your health care providing.


Q1: How much does outsourcing medical billing cost?

This actually depends on the size of the enterprise or the earnings you are getting through these service providers. To be precise, it can cost you from U.S. dollars 875 to 10,300. It is worth getting their services as they carry the work for your demanding and time taking and extremely important process of getting money for your profit and expenses.

Q2: What are the steps of a medical billing cycle?

Medical billing cycle is no more than some communication between the medical services provider and the insurance company that handles the patient’s insurance. It has some steps of updating the records for future account updates that have the information of the patient who is to be treated or admitted and sometimes diagnosed for some symptoms.

Q3: Do medical billing outsource providing companies have any minimum monthly amount?

No, you do not have to worry once you have signed up for a service. Even if you are looking for a month or two going without much work, you can rely on these companies as there will be no worries regarding any minimum amount. Companies will keep you as a client no matter what amount you are getting from the procedures you are doing and this is the case with most of them. Thus doing an excellent service for your work even at a point of the year you do not have much work to do.

Q4: How do medical billing outsource providing companies get paid?

These companies take a percentage of the money they get from claims, which can be around 7 per cent. Such companies charge this amount for every claim they get resolved for the hospitals and other medical practice institutes that run their business with the help of these companies.

Q5: Do these medical billing providing companies ensure data security?

Yes, they do. If a company cannot take care of your patients’ data that can be sensitive, no company should be contacted for service. These companies are aware of this fact that can disrupt their market. Thus they look for the best data security methods and some of these companies have data saving devices with no USB ports or any other ports. This method allows no data copying access to any member of the company, as well as no access for anyone who could try to breach it.

Q6: How much time do medical billing outsource companies take to begin the insurance claim process?

In most of situations, 30 to 60 days are enough to get a process started for services, especially if there is no issue like the change in the management software and there no problem with that the process will prove to be a fairly quick transaction into the account. But, sometimes, if the case management soft wares are on different systems, there will be some time consumed for data import and export.

Q7: How does medical billing provider outsourcing company process insurance?

These companies have to perform a lot of processes to get your claim done. Such a process involves medical coding obtaining information about the insurance and getting the claim for reimbursement. Moreover, these procedures involve other steps, but a company goes thoroughly detailed to get the claim processed from the insurance company.

Q8: Do these companies provide monthly financial reports?

Yes, these companies provide monthly financial reports to let you monitor your investment and the information of how much you are getting for your services. These reports make it an easy process to monitor the financial situation you are in. Additionally, it helps you in reviewing your strategy.

Q9: What are the basic types of medical billing?

Basically, most companies have to deal with professional and institutional types of claims or medical billing. Professional medical billings claims are the ones dealing with the professionals of the health care field. The second type is just the type of claims that deal with the institutes, just like the name of the type of claims.

Q10: How do medical billing B.P.O.s process medical billing?

The process starts with the patients’ records with demographic details that include medical history, regular medical updates, and diagnosis summary. The steps may include the following:

  • Transmission of the claims
  • Checking of medical claims
  • Medical coding
  • Creation of charge
  • Audit
  • Claims transmission
  • Submission to agencies
  • Settlement after follow-up

Q11: What are the basic three types of healthcare systems billing?

1: Billing software vendors level

2: Traditional billing services

3: Boutique

Q12: What is R.C.M. in medical billing?

R.C.M. is the revenue cycle management that is the financial process that may involve processes and steps of the utilization of medical billing software, registration of the patient till the final payment.