Behavioral Health Credentialing

Our Behavioral Health Credentialing services assist you in connecting with the major plans in your market. House of Outsourcing has worked with mental health and behavioral health practitioners to register them in the Medicare program and commercial insurance plans. Separate networks typically serve behavioral health providers in the majority of commercial insurance plans. House of Outsourcing has experience working with insurance carriers’ specialized mental health and behavioral health networks and can assist you with the process. By handling all of the paperwork involved in provider enrollment, our behavioral health provider enrollment services can save you time and money. Our staff will act as your proponent with insurance companies to ensure that your application is completed as soon as possible.

How It Works in 4 Simple Steps

• You tell us which insurance companies and IPAs you want to join. We can provide credentialing for any specialty/facility in any state

• We gather all pertinent and relevant data from your office

• We complete and submit insurance company applications, including CAQH updates

• We track each application until you are credentialed with each payer

Benefits of working with House of Outsourcing

Experienced staff

Professionals with extensive experience in Medicare, Medicaid and business insurers work on your behalf.

Check your progress
The house of Outsourcing credentialing Portal allows you to access all your credentials, application information, files, and status in real-time. Signup to evaluate, start execute reports and retrieve data on your application.

Concentrate on patient care
Let us manage the required documentation so that you can focus with your clinical practice on patient care and other important operational issues.

Outperform Competition
House of outsourcing always shows better than competitors! We routinely take over other credentials that lack quality of service. If you want to commence with the highest quality, then truly start with house of Outsourcing.

Behavioral Health
Our employees have vast experience in psychiatry and psychology. We have helped hundreds of healthcare providers register for numerous healthcare plans and it can save your time by signing up.

Quick Turnaround
Our automated software solution quickly populates your enrollment forms, allowing the network to receive your application.

All the necessary provider’s documents for verification are:

• Behavioral health School information

• Board Certifications

• CV

• Behavioral License

• Malpractice Insurance

• Documents Related to Internship or Fellowship

Application Process

The following information outlines the process undertaken by the House of Outsourcing for allied health care (i.e. self-licensed) providers (BHs). This process is not applicable to hospital employees, doctors or providers in a group of doctors or a registered office. This information is meant to provide insight into the whole process of contracting and credentialing, highlight time frames and provide the Tufts Health Plan teams who manage specific steps.

Contiguous to the successful completion of the credential and contracting process is network participation. The credential and contracting procedures for allied healthcare providers may take up to three months for applicants who present a clean and comprehensive application (i.e. an application with no adverse reactions, no problems of quality or lack of information). Until all of the required information is provided, applicants whose applications are not clean, complete may be subjected to the longer application process. The effective date for the Network shall be the approval date of the application for credential or the effective date of the signed contract, as later. Once the approval process is complete, providers are notified. The total contracting period will be extended by incomplete or unreadable applications.

Behavioral Health Physicians Credentialing Documents

• A signed and dated application by the applicant provider (CAQH application)

• Information that is complete and legible (Completed CAQH application should meet this requirement)

• Any affirmative answer to the health plan is satisfactory

• A current CV in months and years with relevant required dates (Accurate and complete education & work history info in CAQH should meet this requirement)

• A signed and currently dated information form for the applicant (Part of the CAQH application)

• A letter describing the regulatory arrangements if the practitioner is required to have an existing federal DEA controlled substance certificate or state-controlled substance registration but not available ( DEA still has out of state address)

• Letter of hospital or hospital authorization verification (or alternative pathways), if necessary

• Copy of the existing malpractice coverage statement with insurer name, amounts, and coverage dates (Accurate and complete malpractice insurance section in CAQH application should meet this requirement)

• Certification documentation of the board (or alternative pathways)

• Training documentation (if not Board-certified)

• No affirmative answers on quality or clinical skill questions

• No amendments to the release information form of the applicant

• There are no differences between information and information received from other sources from physicians.

• Accord(s), if applicable, appropriate participation in a health plan.

• W-9 (The scanned documents can be sent to CAQH.

This can also be sent with the agreement on participation in the health plan (s)

Behavioral Health Physicians Credentialing Frequently Asked Question

How much time can I expect to complete the application?
Well, the usual TAT is 45-90 days for an application. However, the process usually takes 60 days, depending on various factors, depending on our experience. You are also updated at least twice a month on the status of your application. And we inform you of any unwanted delay. In short, we are trying to process and finalize your application before or within our 45-90 days.

How can I charge the fee negotiation?
Let’s say you asked for five negotiations on insurance fees. All five insurance companies will be contacted and negotiated. If you do not receive the application and the insurance is not acceptable. We’re not going to charge anything for this insurance.

After documents are submitted to insurance, what do you do with my documents?
We always keep your records safe. After insurance confirms you’re enrollment, we delete all documents from our database. We’ll inform you about that, too.

How are you saving my paperwork?
Outsourcing House has an encrypted system of database storage. To ensure your privacy and confidence, we store every confidential detail/document of our clients over the long term, but we need your approval.

How are you negotiating fees?
Yes, we can negotiate fees, but it is an additional service we offer. I can e-mail you with the price structure to check.

If I have been prevented from participating in federal programs, would you like to help me obtain credentials?
Yes, we can do it, but we have to explain in detail why you have been expelled from the federal program.

How long does it take for the credentials process to be completed?
The credentials for PPO plans take 45-90 calendar days. Due to the required documentation, credentials usually take 60-90 calendar days.

How long do you spend setting up?
We will need a signed agreement and supporting documentation from your point of view. After receiving your documents, we will start submitting applications for you. If all goes as scheduled, it should last approximately 1-2 days.