What Is Chiropractic Credentialing?

Chiropractor credentialing is a platform that makes sure that providers can support you through a network of highly professional and credible Chiropractician practitioners with cost-effective and high-quality chiropractic care. The provider must fulfill the criteria; as for in-network participation, only applicants who meet all the requirements described below are approved.

• Providers are only attributed to Chiropractors approved for participation in the Insurance Carrier Network

• Providers must continue to comply with all the continued participation credentials or re-credentials standards

• If no standard is met or maintained, the participation of the Insurance Carrier’s Network shall be decreased or even terminated.

Chiropractic Credentialing Process

Most health insurers have made credentialing obligatory because it permits patients to use their health insurance scheme and allows the provider to receive appropriate compensation for the medical services they provide. They can also pay for their health services.

The credentialing service process is complicated, and multiple documents are required. The House of Outsourcing handles all credentials needs. All the records of the provider are checked for the credentialing process managed by ourselves. They include their medical permit, insurance for malpractice, and DEA, etc.

Benefits of Working with Us

With the help of our exceptionally trained and qualified team, House of Outsourcing has ruled the licensing industry. Hundreds of suppliers across our country prefer our easy-to-access services. In addition, our expert analyst team is well trained to deal cost-effectively with all of your time-sensitive issues.

There are several reasons why we oppose our competitors

• We guarantee the protection, security, and up-to-date protection of your information

• Faster processing of payments and increase patient referrals

• The processing of documents and request forms more accessible and faster

• We are helping to develop and maintain good relations with different sources of income

• Our team offers a comprehensive and knowledgeable service

• Provide helpful and genuine suggestions for your specific and service fields by performing analysis

• Our first choice is our customer with the end of the end services such as initial credentials, re-credentials, notification of any outstanding documents, and maintenance of your CAQH profile

What Information is required for Chiropractors Credentialing?

The credentialing process is both time-consuming and challenging. This time-consuming, painful process is frequently an impediment to patient care. Patients are neglected during the time-consuming and paper-based credentialing process that Chiropractors are involved in. By taking full responsibility forcredentials documents, outsourcing services can help reduce the burden. A straightforward but smooth procedure is followed. We collaborate with your practice to organize the extensive information needed to facilitate the registration process. Then, we take your information and get to work right away. Our experts will not leave until everything is completed correctly.

All of the provider's documents required for verification are

• The license number issued by the appropriate Board of Chiropractic Examiners

• Individual Type 1 NPI number, as well as, if applicable, a Type 2 NPI number

• PTAN number for Medicare

• SC Medicaid identification number

• Certificate of Malpractice Insurance (minimum of $1 million/$3 million).


What steps must be taken to complete credentialing?

(1) You must complete the application completely. If you do not complete the application entirely or if additional information is required, a representative from the House of Outsourcing will contact you. It is critical that you respond to those requests as soon as possible, or we will be unable to process your application.

(2) House of Outsourcing cross-checks specific data points with the “primary source.” That includes the state licensing board, your professional training/education, and so on.

(3) Once the source verification is complete, your application is presented to a committee of your peers, who will decide whether or not you meet our requirements.

(4) If your application is approved, you will end up receiving a welcome packet and guidelines in the mail.

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

House of Outsourcing aims to complete credentialing applications in 60 days or less. This could take longer if you submit an incomplete application or do not include requested attachments with your application.

How frequently do providers need to be re-credentialed?

Providers must renew their credentialing every three years, beginning with the date of their initial credentialing (unless their state has other requirements). To remain a participating provider, a provider must successfully pass re-credentialing.

What happens during the re-credentialing process?

After about two and a half years in the network, you will be notified for re-credentialing. Your specialty-specific instructions will be included in the notification. You may not even need to take any action at the time of re-credentialing if your application is on CAQH and is kept up to date.

What if the Credentialing Committee rejects either my initial participation application or my re-credentialing application?

Depending on the reasons for the committee’s decision, you may be given the option to provide additional information and file an appeal. Your denial or termination letter will explain your rights as well as the timelines you must adhere to.

Can I submit a state application in the state where I practice?

True. House of Outsourcing follows all of the state-mandated application guidelines.

What exactly is a National Provider Identification Number (NPI), and where can I get one?

NPI stands for National Provider Identification (NPI). If you are unsure how to obtain an NPI, you should contact your state licensing board or call us our team will assist you.

What exactly is a CV, and is it required?

CV stands for curriculum vitae .It’s similar to a resume in that it includes a summary of your educational background, work history, professional license, and any other special training you’ve received. You are not required to submit a CV to the House of Outsourcing. Instead, fill out the application questions.

My credentialing application was denied due to a lack of information, according to a letter I received. What should I do?

You must follow the instructions provided. If you have any questions, please contact the person who made the request. Respond to these requests as soon as possible so that House Of Outsourcing can continue processing your application.

Why do I have to send you the same information for re-credentialing every time?

House of outsourcing specialist team will obtain the information from CAQH if you have a CAQH application and have kept it up to date. You must submit a CAQH application if you have not already done so. After you have completed the application, you must keep the records up to date. In addition, if your clinic is accredited as an organization, you must submit a separate “group” credentialing application.

I'm not sure why I was rejected (or terminated) access to the network?

The letter you received should have a name and a phone number where you can get more information.

Can I challenge this decision?

Yes, you can use it in most cases. The letter you received should have included instructions on how to file a written appeal.