California Physician Service Credentialing

You could have a team of competent physicians with the necessary qualifications and licenses, but without enrolment, you run the risk of payment barriers. To improve your practice’s performance, you must complete primary source verification in order to enroll with payers, switch practices, or add new physicians to existing groups. If you don’t have the knowledge to handle the physician credentialing procedure, you should outsource provider enrollment services to experts like us.

We can assist you in becoming a member of an insurance company’s network so that you can deliver quality care to patients who are insured by the insurer. Our customized healthcare credentialing services can help you get reimbursed more quickly.

How can our experts assist you in acquiring a credential?

During the credentialing process, we will largely consider your educational history, career experience, certifications, and registration to practice in the healthcare industry. We will monitor your progress during the credentialing exam to determine your education, training, credentials, and registration to practice in the health care setting. We will review all of your documentation to guarantee that you have been certified by one of the world’s most prominent healthcare specialists. We are dedicated to long-term growth as a team. We will help you receive the services you desire.

What Information is required for Credentialing?

The information varies according on the payer, however it is generally consistent across the board and normally includes:

• Malpractice claims history

• (Suspensions, revocations)

• License to practice and primary source verification

• NPI number

• License history

• DEA license

• work history

• Degrees and transcripts

• References from previous employers/practitioners

• Insurance information

• Board certification

What We Offer?

Choose our credentialing solution to avoid revenue disruption since we cooperate with practically any practice provider to gather detailed information and accelerate enrollment with insurance carriers at a fraction of the cost. Our staff are well-versed in the criteria that are followed by many of the nation’s largest Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance payers. We provide high-quality physician credentialing services that will aid in the following areas:

• Preparation of forms in accordance with insurance rules

• Formalities for provider enrollment and credentialing

• Keeping track of CLIA, CAQH, DEAs, NPIs, and MA registrations, as well as the expiration of NYS registrations

• Support for re-credentialing

• Submission of forms and documents for expedited approval

• Verification of records and certificates

• Compilation of document and certification information, as well as creation of application forms

How Do We Follow?

Our mission is to handle healthcare back-office activities in a way that gives you the most visibility into the process, allowing you to track and measure progress at each level. We provide the following services:

• Managing the provider’s letter of interest and the payer’s application requests

• We manage group certification and new provider affiliation.

• We help with facility credentialing, which involves adding providers to the facility’s ID. We also handle form submissions for all insurance companies.

• We work with insurers to keep the directory of linked providers up to date.

• We continue to work on enrollment issues and managed healthcare initiatives.

• We draught contracts for long-term scanning and electronic storage of documents.

• We handle managed healthcare summaries in their entirety, including cost schedules, effective dates, and group registration data.

• We also handle re-credentialing

Why Us?

We offer first-rate physician credentialing services. If you are struggling to keep up with difficult regulatory compliances and are considering hiring an in-house staff, you might save money by outsourcing physician credentialing services to us. We have reached the pinnacle of this business by being a dependable and trustworthy physician credentialing partner, owing to our extensive involvement in resolving administrative issues across healthcare. Our services will save you from a slew of problems that could lead to financial losses and legal action. Here are some of the reasons we are approached about outsourcing physician credentialing services:

We are a company that meets your credentialing needs because we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to identify your needs before we provide the service. Our knowledgeable workforce adheres to ISO and CPCS certified processes, elevating our services above the competition while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Data Safety
It is simple to put your trust in us and to collaborate with us. You do not need to be concerned about your personal data falling into the wrong hands. We maintain your data, papers, and files in a secure manner using a frequently monitored network, which benefits your practice.

Service with High Accuracy and Quality
Our enrollment services are carried out in accordance with industry standards. We ensure that physicians are part of the insurance company’s network and have the necessary practicing qualifications to be reimbursed by the payer. The application procedure is checked on a regular basis to guarantee compliance with the insurance carrier’s requirements.

Quick Turnaround
Most customers want quick services since they save time and money. Our physician credentialing services are tailored to help you increase your client volume and get paid faster.

When the need to scale arises, our physician credentialing services are built to adapt and evolve. When your patient volume increases, it becomes critical to have a faster system that is fully compliance with the regulations.

Pricing Options That Are Affordable
We have a solution that is perfect for your budget, whether you want comprehensive or tailored physician credentialing service. You can obtain successful results without spending a fortune if you use a service that is reasonably priced.

Contact with a single point
When you need to contact us, you will not have to go through several hoops since you will be able to immediately communicate with a committed professional who will answer to your inquiry. Our subject matter experts will be available in your time zone to service you quickly and efficiently.

Software for Back-Office Support Services
We use cutting-edge physician credentialing software to prevent risks that could result in tens of thousands of dollars in patient compensation. Using proprietary software can increase efficiency and productivity while decreasing days sales outstanding (DSO).

Team of Certified Credentialing Professionals with Years of Experience
We are a medical credentialing firm with exceptional result-oriented experts with credentialing expertise. We provide full support in maintaining compliance, implementing credentialing processes, and maintaining practitioner databases.

Infrastructure of the Present
We have cutting-edge infrastructure that allows our provider enrollment and credentialing services team to fully utilize the credentialing software. You may effortlessly pass through tough healthcare and insurance carrier compliances thanks to our advanced physical and technological infrastructure.

Exchange of Secure Data

As a technology-driven organisation, we provide a secure FTP and VPN that allows you to securely communicate project-related data and information.

Round-the-clock Availability

We are available by phone, email, and online chats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. When you need to reach us, we are never too far away.

Credentialing Benefits with Us

• Specialization in credentialing

• A team of professionals will help you navigate the paperwork.

• Cost savings allow you and your team to focus on what they do best: taking care of your patients!

• Updates on credentialing status are provided within 24 hours.

• Save time by letting us handle the paperwork.

• Assistance with panel closure appeals

• Enrollment in major medical providers; Medicare and Medicaid enrollments for groups and individuals

• Payments from third-party payers are received significantly faster.

It includes:

• Entails completing all necessary applications (s)

• Facilitation of the complete process from beginning to end

• Follow up with the insurance company on the process.