Delta Dental Credentialing Services

Delta Dental now serves over 1.4 million members and has a 96 percent member retention rate. We serve over 6,500 business groups, thousands of individuals who purchase dental benefits on their own, and adults and children who have embedded plans through our medical partners. Become a Delta Dental provider and discover what nine out of ten Colorado dentists already know: Delta Dental is excellent for you and your patients.

Why Should You Join Delta Dental?

Delta Dental serves more than 80 million Americans across the country in over 141,000 groups. Delta Dental is the nation’s largest and most experienced dental benefits carrier, with a network of 39 independent dental service organization serving all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico.

Customer Service

When you need us to answer questions, help you handle issues, or provide you with important information, our dedicated Provider Relations Team will be available for you.

Simplified Billing

You will receive direct compensation from Delta Dental, which will aid in improving your cash flow and reducing collection concerns.

Online Tools

Most payments will be directly transferred into your account within 48 hours if you use the Dental Office Toolkit for electronic claims processing and electronic funds transfer.

You will receive the following benefits from Delta Dental

  1. No-hassle insurance claims
  2. Electronic claims processing and direct deposit
  3. Information is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a
  4. Patient referrals can be obtained through print, phone, and online directories
  5. Patients and workers benefit from award-winning customer service
  6. Our professional relations staff makes personal office visits
  7. Discounts on items and services from your favorite merchants

Do you want to join us but haven’t yet?

By joining Delta Dental, you will be a member of the country’s largest network. It’s quick and simple! The shortened process is completed online at DDS Enroll, making subsequent completion and re-credentialing easier. DDS Enroll provides a turnkey experience that includes:

  1. New provider credentialing and provider network enrollment
  2. Re-certification of current network providers
  3. Electronic signature capabilities — no need for mailing
  4. Additional document management
  5. Application forms and supporting documentation are delivered electronically
  6. Easier handling of provider data for re-credentialing

Delta Dental can help you expand your practice

Delta Dental prioritizes getting patients into your office as an important aspect of achieving and maintaining good oral health. We expose you to the nation’s largest dental insurance customer base, provide simple administration, pay you directly when treating Delta Dental patients, and process claims quickly and accurately—so you’ll be paid quickly and conveniently.

Delta Dental PPOTM insurance

Delta Dental PPO is our preferred provider organization, and it is increasingly becoming the network of choice for businesses and patients alike.

PPO plans cover more than 1.1 million people. And, according to our data, the percentage of consumers using PPO providers is increasing, while the percentage using Premier® and non-participating doctors is declining. People’s choice of providers is increasingly driven by where they can save the most money and maximize their benefit dollars. However, high-quality dentistry and PPO networks do not have to be mutually exclusive. Our PPO providers have discovered that giving outstanding care and a positive patient experience is a winning combination.

You, as a Delta Dental PPO provider, must:

  1. Make your patients’ dental benefits last longer
  2. Can devote more time to patient care
  3. Improve the worth of your practice

Are you ready to enroll? Let’s Get This Started

Step 1: Gather the Required Information

Please be prepared to upload documents and/or information such as a copy of your Colorado Dental License, D.E.A. registration, malpractice insurance declaration page, National Provider Identifier, and so on. DDS Enroll will provide you with all of the necessary information.

Step 2: Select a Network

You have the option of joining our Delta Dental PPOTM or Delta Dental Premier® networks. Discover why more businesses and people than ever before are opting for PPO policies. Also, remember that licensed hygienists in Colorado who are not employed by a dentist are eligible to join our network.

Step 3: Online Submit All Required Information

Please call DDS Enroll at (414) 865 3000 if you have any concerns or need assistance with this new credentialing procedure.

If you have any queries concerning your credentialing status, please contact Delta Dental of USA credentialing team at (414) 865 3000 or

Congratulations! This is beneficial to your patients.

Almost four out of every five practicing dentists in the United States are members of one or more of Delta Dental’s networks. Why do so many dentists want to take part? Participation in Delta Dental networks is beneficial not only to your patients, but also to your practice.

Why Should You Join the Delta Dental PPO Network?

Delta Dental of USA encourages our members to visit our network dentists in order to support them. In fact, Delta Dental of USA’ book of business typically receives more than 80% of network claims payment.

More than two million people are covered by the dental benefits packages we offer to individuals and employer groups in Illinois, ranging from Fortune 1000 corporations to small enterprises. This implies that in Illinois, there are two million potential patients looking for the services of a Delta Dental network dentist!

National Affiliation

Delta Dental is the nation’s largest and most experienced dental carrier. Delta Dental member companies provide dental insurance to more than one-third of all Americans, covering more than 83 million people in more than 153,000 groups across the country.

Patient Availability

Delta Dental prioritizes getting patients into the dentist’s office on a frequent basis  for both their and your benefit. Part of our objective as a non-profit dental service organization is to improve the oral health of the communities we serve. As a result, our dental benefits actively encourage consumers to seek treatment. People who have dental insurance go to the dentist nearly twice as often as those who do not. In addition, more Americans are seeking treatment from in-network dentists. By taking part, you will make your services available to a broader range of potential patients.

Simple Administration

Delta Dental’s cutting-edge claims processing system and skilled claims reviewers handled more than 90 million claims with greater than 99 percent accuracy last year. We also have a specialized Professional Relations team ready to assist you and your office, as well as online and phone capabilities that provide instant access to eligibility, claims status, and other information.

We assist offer you more time to do what you do best – care for your patients – by providing timely, accurate claims processing, technical support, and exceptional service.

Payment Guarantee

Participating in Delta Dental’s networks provides you with nationwide reach, as well as the assurance that you will be paid for treatments based on the agreed-upon fees, regardless of which Delta Dental member company administers a patient’s dental program.

Advantages of Adding Value

As a network dentist, you will have access to a variety of value-added benefits, such as oral health materials, supply and service savings, and state training programs. CPR certification is available as part of these training programs, as are events that may qualify for continuing education (CE) credits. Previous CE credit events have included special needs dentistry, Dentist by 1 seminars, and clinic-based training programs.

Mission Collaboration

Delta Dental, the first firm to specialize on dental benefits, is enthusiastic about oral health and its significance to future generations. Delta Dental member companies across the country contribute gifts to programs that focus on avoiding dental disease, increasing access to care, advancing dental research, and better understanding the links between oral and total health.

Our Foundation works in the United States to enhance the oral health of children and their families through its own educational initiatives and the support of organization that provide access to care. We are working together to improve the quality of life for the people in our communities.

To Join

Return the required documents by email in the documents to begin your participation process. Our mailing address is:

1502 S Layton Blvd,


WI 53215, USA