What is Dental Credentialing Services?

As a dental healthcare provider, you need to ensure that you provide the best coverage for each of your patients with each insurance carrier. That means you need precise documentation, review, approval, and final credentials issued for your licenses, certificates, and general practitioner history.

What Information is required for Dental Credentialing?

The credentials process is long and difficult. This time-consuming, complex process is often a barrier to patient care. During the tedious and paper-based credentialing process that dentists are involved in, their patients are left neglected. House of outsourcing services can help to reduce the burden by assuming full responsibility for credentials documents. A simples but smooth process is undertaken. We work with your practice and help organize the comprehensive information required to facilitate the registration process. We take your information and immediately commence to work on it. Our experts won’t leave until all is done correctly.

All the necessary provider's documents for verification are:

• Dental School information

• Board Certifications

• CV

• Dental License

• Malpractice Insurance

• Documents Related to Internship or Fellowship

The Need for Dental Credentialing

Several years ago, dental credentialing was not as important for practices as it is today. Patients are approximately 90% more likely to look for treatment from physicians who have insurance participation in their plans. Insurance companies offer listing services to boost your visibility on the web and in-network. As a participating provider, you will have greater access to new patients. By working together you can bring out your full potential and increase your revenue stream.

How Long the Dental Credentialing Process Takes?

It takes 3-4 months to obtain credentials because the process is too much involved. There are other steps to be completed to obtain accurate, error-free credentials besides submitting the required documents. Our dental credentials are fully aware that a simple mistake in handling the paperwork can allow a dentist who has an expired license to continue his practice. In terms of patient safety, this can lead to some severe complications. We are, therefore, here to concentrate on your documentary work to keep your patients focused. Let us look after your credentialing services.

Your team can devote more time to important tasks of building a good schedule, advanced treatment planning, effectively managing staff, and providing a better patient experience. We prepare and send applications to insurance companies and monitor them.

What Is Dental Re-credentialing?

Dental re-credentialing is a re-assessment process for the dental provider. Dental re-credentialing can be carried out every 2-3 years or as often as required. An accurate dental renationalization process helps the dental practice to provide its patients with safe and high-quality care. If you do not re-examine, you may have a lot of troubles and discomfort. You may be removed from the panel or even locked out permanently when your agreement with the insurance panel has expired. In addition, no services you provide during this period will be reimbursed.

We Are Offering Following Services Under Dental Credentialing?

What Benefits your practice will get?

• Access status updates within 24 hours

• Regardless of whether your submission was rejected due to errors, re-validated applications will be accepted

• Save your time by allowing us to do all the paper work for you

• Our experts will thoroughly complete your Medicare registration

• The dental credentials services we offer are very competitive and have a cost- benefit over in-house dental credentials


How long can I wait for the application to be finalized?

Well, for a request, the usual TAT is 45-90 days. However, depending on various factors, counting on our experience, the process usually takes an average of 60 days.

You will also be updated on the status of your application at least twice a month. And we notify you ASAP of any undesirable delay. In short, even before or within our 45-90 day TAT standard, we are trying to process and finalize your application.

How do I charge for the negotiation of the fee?

Let’s say you’ve requested five insurance fee negotiations. We will contact and negotiate with all five insurance companies. If the application is not garnered and the insurance does not allow it. For this insurance, we will not charge anything from you.

What do you do with my documents after they are submitted to the insurance?

We keep your documents safe at all times. After insurance confirms that your credentialing application is complete, we delete every document from our database. We will also notify you about this.

How do you save my documents?

House of Outsourcing has an encrypted database storage system. We store every confidential detail/document of our clients for the long term to ensure their privacy and trust in us.

How do you do fee negotiations?

Yes, we can negotiate fees; however, this is an additional service that we provide. We will send you the pricing structure via email so you can review it.

Would you be willing to assist me in obtaining credentials if I had been barred from participating in federal programs?

Yes, we can do that, but we need a detailed explanation of why you were kicked out of the federal program.Is this problem still unresolved? We must inform the insurance company, and it is up to them to accept the provider. If you only share partial information with us and not the complete information, we may not be able to assist you in getting credentialed. If that happens solely because you did not share the comprehensive report with us, you will be obligated to pay us for the full service. Rest assured that we will do our best to get you credentialed if you provide us with complete information.

How lengthy does that generally take to complete the credentialing process?

It takes 45-90 calendar days to become credentialed for PPO plans. Credentialing typically takes 60-90 calendar days (especially for Medicaid plans) due to the required documentation.

How much time do you take to set-up?

We will require a signed agreement as well as some supporting documentation from your end. We will begin submitting applications for you once you have submitted your documents. If everything goes as planned, the entire process should take about 1-2 days.