Health Net of California Inc Credentialing Services

To become a new provider in our network, you must first complete an enrollment form. Then we verify the veracity of the info you’ve submitted. Depending on the sort of provider you are, we will request information about your license, education, insurance, and other qualifications. Credentialing is the process of verification.

Our online provider enrollment process is separated into two sections: hospitals and healthcare institutions, and physicians and practitioners. The following is an overview of each section’s certification.

If you are a provider who presently participates in one or more Health Net of California network and are having trouble enrolling for the new provider portal, DO NOT complete the network participation papers

What exactly is Medi-Cal?

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid health-care programme for low-income residents. Medi-Cal allows you, your family, and friends to get a wide range of free or low-cost medical and dental treatments. Adults, children, and those with impairments are all included. In addition to pregnant women, children in foster care, people under the age of 25, and undocumented children. There are no monthly fees or co-pays!

What is the point of Health Net?

• Large and expanding networks with thousands of doctors around the state.

• Individuals, families, groups, and others can all benefit from life plans.

• Dental, vision, and more coverage options are available.

• The National Committee for Quality Assurance has given its approval.

• Streamlined member webpage for simple access to information.

What is the purpose of Credentialing?

To verify the competency and conduct of healthcare workers servicing clients in our network, credentials are evaluated in compliance with our policy requirements. We accredit qualified health care practitioners with whom the company intends to form contracts and advertise to its members.

Our Specialist will promptly assist you in obtaining credentialing!

We will evaluate your educational history, work experience, credentials, and registration to practice in a healthcare setting primarily throughout the credentialing process. We will track your progress during the credentialing examination to determine your education, training, credentials, and registration to practice health care in a health care context. We will do a thorough evaluation of all of your documents to ensure that you are accredited by one of the world’s most renowned healthcare specialists. As a team, we are committed to long-term growth. We will assist you in obtaining the services that you require. This is how we demonstrate our gratitude to our clients and our commitment to their satisfaction.

Join Health Net of California Inc.

Step 1
A Provider Credentialing Application (pdf) must be completed, signed, and dated (required for all practicing Medics)Provider Credentialing Application (pdf)

Step 2
Please submit current credentials (required for all practicing Medics).

General Dentist

• Wallet size Dental License
• DEA Certificate
• Professional Liability
• W-9 form (pdf)W-9 form (pdf)


Please also submit Specialty Certificate(s)

<b>List for credentialing</b>

• New Practitioner Enrollment Form -or- Practitioner Change Form

• BCBSM Practitioner Combined Signature Document

• Active Michigan practice location required

• State of Michigan professional license

• Type 1 National Provider Identifier

• Social Security Number

• Tax Identification Number and Internal Revenue Service document

• identifying TIN and associated payee name (BCBSM/BCN does not accept W-9s)

• Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) number (if available)


CAQH ProView® will be used to re-credential, commonly known as re-attestation. It is the process of logging into CAQH ProView, changing your information as necessary, and then attesting, or certifying, that all of the information is correct. Retesting is required every 120 days.

Health Net of California Phone Number

Healthcare Options (HCO) is available at 1-800-430-4263 (TTY 1-800-430-7077) and let them know you’d like Health Net as your Medi-Cal plan.

Health Net of California Email Address Send an email to us. We’ll furnish your very queries.

Health Net of California Enrollment Form

You can also download and complete the HCO Medi-Cal Managed Care Choice Enrollment Form, then mail it in.