How to Become Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue cross blue Shield is one of the best health care insurance company. They strive to provide the best health services with the collaboration of healthcare professionals. This ensures the complete facilitation of health care issues for the people who are insured with Blue cross blue Shield. They have networks of people who are all sorts of healthcare professionals and work as physicians and healthcare facilities. They have a simple 5 steps process to provide the registration for the people who wish to work with them. This makes them one of the easiest companies to join for healthcare services provision. They have 5 simple steps that allow people healthcare professionals to join them in providing the services they take pride in providing. These 5 steps are.

Filling up the Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider Enrollment Form

For this purpose, you just have to fill up a form which would help them understand different aspects of your services. In this form, you have to provide some basic information that a healthcare provider carries during their career in healthcare.

If you wish to be registered with them, you just have to go to their website and fill up their form. You need to provide some information to get started. This information includes the step of a new application for which you have to click on their “join our network” page. And there, you have to click “provider onboarding form.” Once you have clicked there, you can go on and send an application. You can click on the new application to submit a new application, and there:

• Click on the new application radio button. Once you click this, you can go on and enter the essential information about your account

• In these pieces of information, you must enter the information of security question 1

• Enter the security question 2

• Put the answers to both questions and click “Start application.”

• Once you go to the next part of the page, you have the most essential and basic information to enter

• There you have to enter the “First Name” and “Last Name.”

• The Email address you are using for your work

• Then the “Middle Initial” that is optional

• You have to enter “Suffix” and then the “Telephone Number for”

• The last thing you have to fill in is the job title or the position that you have in the facility that you are applying for

• The last thing that is not part of your personal information is choosing between “Participate in network” or “Participate Out of network.”

• Then you go to the next page, and there is some additional information that you have to enter. On this page, you have to enter the information for which you wish to fill the form for. You can choose from any of the 3 options that are there

• The 3 options there are “Contact as Solo Provider,” “Add New Group or clinic,” or “Add Providers to an Existing Group or Clinic.”

• There onwards, there are different types of pieces of information that you have to provide for different options you clicked earlier. If you clicked the option of “Add Providers to an Existing Group or Clinic” on the next page, you would have to provide the information about “existing group practice name”

• The second piece of information that you have to provide is “Existing group type 2 NPI”

• Then provide the“Existing Group Tax Identification Number (TIN)/ Employer Identification Number (EIN).”

• In the next step, you have to provide the same number to confirm the tax identification

• The last step on this page would be to provide the network that would be the end of the information you need to provide on this page

• The next two steps are easier for enrollment; you just have to review and submit the information and view the summary

• For hospitals, behavioral health facilities, and ambulatory surgery providers, the email is

• The ancillary provider can easily contact to join the network by sending an email to

• The providers who wish to provide long-term support and service, adult day service, personal emergency response, and home modification can apply on

Signing a Contract

The second step that you have to follow is to submit a contract that you have signed. Next things, once you have been accepted as eligible for the contract, you have to submit a signed contract. For this, you will receive an email that will let you know about the information on the contract. Moreover, once you have received the contract copy, you just have to sign it and go on and send it in a fax to them.

Credentialing, if it is Require

There are certain types of people who must provide complete credentialing information once they are on board. The people who have to provide the credentialing information are:

• Professional provider types of MD, DO, PsyD, Ph.D., DPM, LCSW, LCPC, LMFT, AUD, BCBA, OD, DC, CNM, PA, APN, ANP, RD CNP, CNS, LAC, and DN. These professional providers must go through the process of providing credentials

• The second type of providers who have to go through this process are: Hospitals and Ancillary Providers (such as skilled home infusion, nursing facilities, home health, durable medical equipment suppliers)


The fourth step is from the side of Blue Cross Blue Shield. This step includes them answering you if you are accepted as one of their contract holders. If a company is accepted, they will receive a welcome letter from their side. If you wish to check the status of your application and know whether you have been accepted or not, you can go to “Case Status Checker.” Enter the case number that you received in your confirmation email.

The Last Step Getting Connecting with them

Once someone or some company is received as a network, all they have to do is use all available electronics options that can ensure timeliness, security, and accuracy of the claims-related information. If you need more information, you can refer to the “Claims and Eligibility Section,” and if you need additional online tools, you can visit the “Provider Tools Page.”