How to become Carefirst Provider

If you are looking to get your medical service to the next level with more and more opportunities coming in, Carefirst is a great option. With Carefirst, you get the utmost level opportunities that can help you with different aspects of your healthcare business. There are some easy steps those would take you into our network. These steps are easy to follow and can bring a massive change in your market demand which is a perfect step towards the improvement of your overall status as a healthcare practitioner and business person. So, follow these steps and get yourself into our network to see what kind of great difference it makes for you.

Initial Carefirst Provider Enrollment Process

For getting into innumerable opportunities and getting results, you have to go to our website and

• Click on the CAQH Proview button there. This button will be highlighted in blue.

• Once you click this one, you go to the next page. You can click this button if you are a medical network provider and wish to self-report and provide credentialing information. From here, you go provide the information that we need to get you into our network.

• You must register with us through this button.

• On the next page, there will be some buttons that you get enter information and log into your account. BUT, as you are not already registered and you should get registration to get the facilities, you must do the steps that you need for this.

Initial Enrollment Process

On this page, under the access parts of this page, you will be able to see the “First Time Here” statement. Here you can see three different statements. You should go and click any of the red highlighted options. From these options, you can go on to the next page. On the next page, you see will need some pieces of information that you must enter. Among these pieces of information, you will have to enter:

• On this page, you can go on and enter your IDA or ADA numbers and continue as a healthcare professional. Or if you are entering as a manager, you will have to go through a different process that will help you out. For this, you must click on the last page on the “Practice Manager Sign-in” button.

• Once you have clicked this button, you go to the next page that has a statement “Proview Practice Manager Self-registration”.

• On this page, you must enter some information about the business you are going to register for, including some information about your work practice.

• On this page, you must fill in different information pages, like “Practice name”, “Practice TIN”, “Practice Department”, “Practice NPI”, “Practice Phone”, “Extension”, “Practice Address”, “Address 2” pieces of information.

• On the same page, you must also enter these pieces of information: City information, State Name information. You also must give your zip code, practice email and confirm this email address.

The Second Form on the Same Page

Once you have provided all of this information, you must also provide some pieces of information in the next form on the same page. These pieces of information that you must provide are:

• “First name”, “Last Name”, “Phone number” that you use for your practice. Your personal email address and then must confirm this email address in the next row. The last thing you must provide is the number of providers that are there in your practice.

The third Form on this page

The third form that you will see on this same page will be the “Account Information” form. There you can provide pieces of information like:

• The user name that you wish to have for your registration with us.

• You must enter the password and confirm by writing the same password in the next row.

• Once you are done with this form, you can go on and fill the fourth and last form on this page.

The Fifth and Last Form

The last form that you will see on the page will be the last one for this page. There will be some information that you must give answers to keep your security against identity theft. The information that you must provide here will be of three different security questions. It totally depends on you which security question you choose. And the next thing also depends on you that whichever answer of this security question you answer with.

• There will be 3 different drop-downs for the question portion and 3 answers to type for the answer sections on this page.

• Select your questions, type your answers, and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to continue to the next page.

• Ensure that you follow the guidelines for giving a username and do not enter a space in the username you present.
This is the simple process you must do to get registered and go to your dashboard to manage your account. Once you are all set up, you do not need to provide any kind of information or documents in hard copies. You are all set with your registration from our website.
These are the simple steps and forms that you can fill in and provide information with. It will not take you to provide these pieces of information for more than 10 to 15 minutes. So, use this method to save your time, energy and money and see a difference in the way your growth improves on all levels of your healthcare professional practice.