How to Become CareSource Provider?

CareSource is one of the US’s biggest health care coverage providers that operates in many different states. We have been providing this for a long time and this makes us one of the most reliable ways to get yourself the business that you deserve for your health care profession. CareSource believes in the provision of complete healthcare coverage for which we need professionals within the healthcare business that would lead to improved business for you. We reach different states to bring the best standard coverage plans that support so many different fields within the healthcare practice. And this makes it one of the most used and reliably well-known companies for health care coverage. If you wish to join our network, there are some most simple steps that you can do and join us for exposure that would help out in for improved results with the practice you are doing.

Initial Steps for Provider Enrollment with CareSource

If you wish to join us through our website, there are some simple steps to follow. In this article, there will be a step-by-step guide to doing
this and getting into our network with your application and information.

• The first page that you see once you come to our website will be the page with the name “Become A Participating Provider”. Here you can find some instructions that you should follow to fill the form to become a healthcare provider with CareSource.

• The important thing that you will find on this page will be a link that will take you to the form that you can fill to go to the next page.

• On this page, you will see two different tabs. One will be the “instructions” tab and the other will be the “General Information” tab.

• There will be some information when you click the first tab. When this tab is highlighted, there will be some instructions you must follow.

• You must click and enter to the next page when you go on and choose the “General Information” tab.

• On this tab, you must enter the information of what kind of application you have. For this, you should select your answer under the question “How can we help you today?”

• In this tab, you can provide the answer by clicking the option that is at the top of the drop-down. Here you can select the phrase “I am not in the CareSource network and would like to create a contract request”.

• Once you have entered this answer, go and select “No” in the next drop-down.

• There will be a different form to fill if you are an Arkansas provider. That you can go and access from a button available there with the “Here” button.

• Once you click this button, you go for a form that will help you if you are an Arkansas provider.

The CareSource Group Information Form

The next thing that you must provide is for group information form. In this form, you must provide the following pieces of information:

• There will be some pieces of information that you must provide, like ”IRS name”, “Doing Business As”, “Website URL”, “Tax ID Number”.

• The pieces of information in this form that you need to enter are: “Medicare Number”, “Medicare State”, a product that you must add and the contract code.

• The last two questions that you must answer are “Is this a tax Id change to a current contract” and “Is this an IRS name change to a current contract”. Just answer these questions and go to the next step.

• The next piece of information that you have to provide to proceed in this process will be Office contact.

• In the office contact form, there will be some most basic types of information like first name and last name, phone number and phone extension that you use.

• The next information that you will add would be the email that you use.

• In the next step, you must answer the question if you are a CMHC provider or not?

And the last thing you must provide will be the information about the organization you register for. In this step, there will be a drop-down that you can choose from.

• And once you have chosen the organization from there, you can go to the next form.

• In this form, you will have to give the “Contract (or signatory) information.”

• For this purpose, you will have to give your first name and last name. You must also give the information of what is your signatory title and what is your signatory email.

The CareSource Remit Form

In this form, you must provide the remit address and other similar pieces of information. In this form, you can provide these pieces of information:

• Your name for remit is street 1 and street 2, then the city you are from and the country and then the state you are working in. The last information that you must provide in this form for remit information will be the zip code your workplace has.

• Then you can go to the mailing address form that is associated with the remit form.

• If you click the check-box of “Mailing same as Remit Address”, you will be able to paste the same information as on the first remit form.

• If you wish to do it in a manual way and wish to enter some more specific information in this one, you can do that as well.

• The next form that you will see will be the “Contractual Updates Address” form.

• This form is also associated with the first one. And there will be some pieces of information like “Contractual updates Address Name ”, and some other.

• You can choose to check a check-box here too. And if you do that, you will be able to paste all the information of the first two forms that applies in this one.

The Provider Information Form

Once you have provided all the pieces of information of other types, the thing you must give about the providers who are working for you will be:

• The name and the degree of the provider(s).

• And then, you must provide the date of birth and the social security code of the provider who is going to provide healthcare services from your hospital or clinic.

• On the next form, you must provide the information of the timings of the providers for all the days of the week they attend your healthcare service workplace.

• Then you should provide the address of the health provider that you can copy from the common address.

• The next information will be about the city of health care provided in and name of the country and state and then the zip code.

• The last pieces of information will be about the provider’s phone number and fax number alongside whether or not they provide telemedicine.

• The last form on this page will be the “Practice detail form”.

• On this form, you will be asked for an individual NPI number, Medicare number, Medicaid number, CAQH number.

• You will also have to provide the race or ethnicity of the provider and whether they participate in telemedicine or not.

• Then you will have to provide the “Provider Cultural Competency” specialty and secondary specialty of the provider.

• In the end, there will be Taxonomy number and category of Medicaid plus primary care provider information. If they do that or not. And then the maximum and minimum age of the patient they can provide for. You must also tell the gender preference of the patient and if they are accepting new patients or not. The last piece of information you must provide will be if they are accepting new Medicaid patients or not.

• In the last form on this page, you must provide the board certificate and hospital affiliation(s) information.

• Moreover, you can provide the group affiliation(s) and linguistic capabilities of the provider.

• Then the last two pieces of information on this form will be if they meet ADA requirements and ASL or American Sign Language skilled interpreter or not.

The Submission

When you have done with all of this information, you are almost done. There will be some last pieces of information that you must give. You must inform:

• If you are the submitter, like the office contract and give the information if you are not. If you are the same person, you can go and check the box there. Your information will be copied to this form. You can also give notes if you wish to.

• You can attach documents that you need in soft copy and submit the form.

Once you are done with the form, you are all set for getting into our network for Medicare Advantage. Getting into our network is an amazing way to get your work done in a superb way. You get access to thousands of people who wish to work with you. This not only improves your abilities but also gets you better progress in your work life with more and more patients coming for healthcare issues. Our network can get you to the top of your game and bring financial prosperity as it goes and develops for you.