How to become Kaiser Provider?

Kaiser Permanente has evolved to become the country’s largest managed care group. Kaiser medical insurance has a track record of providing high-quality treatment. Kaiser achieved high marks in the National Healthcare Progress Report from its areas in which it is operating. The Kaiser Permanente Medical Insurance,  its regional operating subsidiaries, the local Permanente Medical Groups, and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals make up Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser provides outstanding behavioral health and drug use disorder management, as well as a robust employee assistance programme, work/life support, treatment specialized programmes, and actionable analytics to optimize care delivery. We give members with access to a large network of mental health specialists, facilities, and services, allowing them to obtain the proper care at the correct time and intensity. It’s a crucial stage in ensuring and assessing a medical practitioner’s ability to deliver health care to the patients who are members of the organisation.

Who we are

This strategy has revolutionized the way persons with behavioral health issues live for many years. We now serve millions of people throughout numerous regions as the unquestioned leader in health management.

Our specialist will help you to get you Enrolled

Our specialists’ job is to ensure that healthcare professionals’ professional training, certifications, and licensing, which must be renewed on a regular basis, seem to be updated and in compliance with all applicable regulations. Credentialing experts also guarantee that any facilities provided by health care facilities comply with organization standards. Our specialists conduct background checks, contact licensing boards, review license applications, request education details, and interview references as part of the verification process. They may also support in the hiring of new employees by analyzing application forms to confirm that applicants meet all licensing and credentialing requirements for the position as well as the healthcare industry in general.

All of this information will be provided to the organisation by properly completing the application form, and the member will be credentialed to prove that he is an educated and experienced specialist in his field of expertise, according to KP standards. And he will confirm that for being a Kaiser Executive one need to apply on HMO’S official site.

Kaiser Credentialing Requirements

Initial Credentialing

Before offering meet customer needs to our members, you must be credentialed. This includes new professionals who are entering a group practice that is already accredited. To work for Kaiser Healthcare, you must first go through our credentialing procedure and have your credentials authorized by our Credentialing Authority. When your approval is granted, we will inform you in writing. You may begin offering covered services to our consumers after the contract is finalized and credentialing permission is received. The overall process, including prioritizing, can take weeks, or even more if there are delays in the personnel.

We undertake frequent health records checks of all general practitioners as part of assessment. Only the certified worldwide credentialing data sources accept applications for first credentialing and re-credentialing. Please send your application to us. To enable us to observe your application, you must pick “Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.” Applications sent on paper will not be accepted.

Member’s rights

You have the right to evaluate and change any data provided on behalf of your credentialing proposal that is incorrect. Peer feedback, peer recommendations, and other peer-review secured resources are not available for review. You have the right to be informed about the status of your credentialing or credentialing request upon request.

State licensing requirement

Like other companies, KP requires that its practitioners meet the licensing requirements of the region in where they practice as well as licenses from previous jurisdictions where they worked. The licensing, registration, education programmes, and relevant degree are all included in this licensing. If your license expire, you will not be able to meet organizational standards. This license entitles the holder to practice in the region.

• Certificates of accreditation (Note: If you are not credentialed, a duplicate of your most recent Medicare survey is required.) Kaiser Permanente will undertake a site visit if the survey is not applicable).

Kaiser Credentialing Application Procedure

Being a provider entails working as an employee rather than as a member of an organisation. Fill out this application completely. The application should be submitted electronically. Don’t try to finish it by hand. We encourage any additional attachments that you choose to submit to verify your application in addition to those required, thus one must fill out an application form on HMO’s website that includes these requirements.

• Curriculum vitae (including all details)

• license (current state)

• Previous work history

It is vital to describe the offers in full so that the organisation can evaluate them thoroughly. Any more information, such as brochures, attachments, or descriptions, would be greatly appreciated. If the application is discovered to be incomplete or illegible, it will be declined and returned to the applicant within a few days.

Kaiser Eligibility Verification and Authorization

After submitting an application to Kaiser Permanente, you can check your eligibility by contacting their help desk. As a result, you will receive an authorized reference number following verification. As a result, if you need to contact the organisation for any reason, you can use that number as a reference. After submitting an application to Kaiser Permanente, you can check your eligibility by contacting their department. As a result, you will receive an authorized reference number following verification. As a result, if you need to contact the organisation for any reason, you can use that number as a reference.

Interview and Other Criteria

You will be contacted in for at least one meeting if your application passes Kaiser’s criteria and there is an open job at a Kaiser location in your region. You may also be required to submit copies of your license, school transcripts, and other documents. If you pass the screening, Kaiser will make you an offer that details your employment responsibilities, income, and perks. Because the HMO employs providers based on local requirements, you may have a better chance of getting an interview if you’re willing to relocate.

Member access standards

These access standards apply to members to review their handbooks to make it confirm that you offer routine and quick appointments and response to request appointments within time period of 24 hours.  So member needs to update the data and appointments on their online data form regularly.  It will keep record and improve their performance.


Every three years, you must re-credential. We evaluate the following, among other things:

• Patient complaint outcomes

• Quality improvement initiatives

• Member contentment

Kaiser Permanente may also implement other quality measures. Depending on patient complaints or other issues, we may also conduct medical record inspection at any time.

Support Phone Number

Please contact the Kaiser Permanente National EAP Provider Line 24/7 by calling 888-677-9993
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