How to become HCSC provider?

Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), a Mutual Legal Reserve Company (MLRC), is the country’s largest customer-owned health insurance and the fourth-largest overall. We’re working to make high-quality, premium health care more accessible. We provide information and resources to members so they may make the greatest health care choices for themselves and their family. HCSC is consistently recognized as a company that values society, diversity and inclusion, as well as training and growth. HCSC is dedicated to breaking new ground in the health-care industry in innovative and effective ways. We encourage you to know more about HCSC if you are concerned about the effect you wish to have via your work and want to bring innovative solutions to new and developing situations. Explore what new ideas might mean for you, your society, our clients, and our organization when you join HCSC.

Who we are

Today, we are pioneers in the advancement of value-based care models, which encourage greater cooperation and accountability among many stakeholders in order to improve patients’ and customers’ health care experiences and help them to live better lives. HCSC is committed to improving the quality of life in the areas where its workers and members live, work, and play. We continue our long-standing heritage of giving back to the community through charitable investments, volunteerism, and donations.

Who do we credential?

We certify licensed health care providers with whom the company plans to work and advertise to our members. The full list of supplier types we certify and those we don’t can be seen in our Program Summary.

Our Specialist will help you Get Enrolled now

Our Specialist is in charge of keeping all providers active by completing all preliminary and ongoing credentialing packages as mandated by Medicare and Medicaid. He’ll keep track of individual providers’ files, making sure they have the most up-to-date information they need to submit the requisite payer credentialing application. We will ensure that all information is correct and that all provider licenses are renewed annually, including full credentialing and re-credentialing of applicants.

HCSC Provider Enrollment Requirements

The process through which HCSC evaluates and selects licensed independent practitioners to offer care to our members is known as credentialing. The application is used for credentialing. This safe way cuts down on the quantity of documentation you’ll have to fill out in order to finish the credentialing procedure. The first step in becoming a new provider in our network is to complete an enrollment form. Then we double-check that the information you’ve provided is correct. We want to know if you have the required license, education, insurance, and other credentials, depending on what type of provider you are. All you have to do now is fill out the relevant registration form based on the sort of facility you have. Then go over the required document criteria and make sure you have all of the appropriate papers, as well as any signature documents. From within provider enrollment, you can access the checklist and signing forms online. It is your duty to keep your information up to date. Automatic reminders will be issued to you to review and certify to the integrity of your data.

Procedure to follow

<b>Step 1: fill out the Provider Onboarding Form.</b>

To apply to join one of our networks, fill out the Provider Onboarding Form.

When submitting the Provider Onboarding Form, where applicable, any provider interested in getting licensed should include the following documents. Submissions that are not comprehensive will be rejected.

All Providers are required to do the following tasks:

• Professional Liability Insurance

• Provider Ownership Disclosure

• Depending on the type of provider: Expertise in several fields

<b>Step 2: The initial review procedure is the second step.</b>

A multi-disciplinary committee reviews proposals to join the network. We work hard to ensure that health insurance remains affordable and available to everybody. We aggressively seek agreements that build a collaboration between our company and suppliers and address current demand as part of that commitment.

<b>Step 3: Obtain a credential</b>

The credentialing process is required of all providers who engage in our networks. Our requirements for credentialing adhere to all applicable laws and accreditation standards.

<b>Step 4: Submit a contract that has been signed.</b>

You may obtain a contract for cooperation if you successfully accredited. You will get a welcome letter specifying your network’s effective date after we acquire your completed contract.

<b>Step 5: Establish a connection.</b>

We highly urge you to employ all available electronic solutions for electronic data exchange transactions once you’ve joined our networks to assist assure the timeliness, accuracy, and confidentiality of claims-related data.

Benefits with us

Every day of the year, HCSC prioritizes the deployment of programs to support the many partners we interact with. We have gained the loyalty of suppliers and members by executing on our commitments and have developed long-lasting partnerships as a result of our hard work. We’ve improved our networks to produce more value and win-win situations. To help promote care delivery transformation, we are boosting efficiency and quality through education, progressive thought, and insights. All in the name of improving health care in aspects it hasn’t previously. The guts to reimagine: make an imprint on the world that moves things ahead. Integrity is one of our core values.

Do the correct thing at all times.

Everyone is deserving of respect.


Keep our commitments.

Exercising excellence in order to get amazing outcomes.

Caring enough to invest our hearts and souls into our work.

HCSC Re-Credentialing

Every three years, the HCSC re-credentials network providers. If your application is updated and comprehensive at the time, you may not need to do anything else. We will notify you to update the information if it is expired or missing.
Non-response to requests for re-credentialing

If you do not provide the essential information for re-credentialing by the deadline, your application will be considered wrong and you will be removed from the network administratively.

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