Kaiser Foundation Credentialing Services for your Independent Practice

Identifying the health practitioner’s qualifications for providing patient care aids inside or for a medical organization is an essential process for obtaining, validating, and evaluating them. Join a network of doctors, medical experts, and organizations engaged in serving customers to drive more satisfying lives and raise healthcare for all.

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The credentialing phase will include reviewing your educational background, employment history, certifications, and registration to practice in a healthcare field, which we will accompany you through.

Initial Credentialing

Before submitting related services to our members, you must be credentialed. It adds novel practitioners who are entering a group practice that is already accredited.You must perform our credentialing procedure and be approved by our Credentialing Committee before you may undertake it with Kaiser Permanente. When it is accepted, we will apprise you in paper. You may start offering covered services to our members after the contract is concluded and credentialing permission is received.

Applications for initial and re-credentialing are only accepted through certified universal credentialing data sources. Would you mind applying through One Health Port Provider Source or CAQH Proview? You must pick “Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Washington Region.” No paper applications will be accepted.

How credentialing get done at Kaiser Foundation

When you engage in a contractual or work relationship with Kaiser Permanente, the Credentials Verification Service (CVS) will email you a password and a link to this Web Site to perform a credentialing application.

You will submit your application online and then produce any supporting documentation.

CVS will confirm all of your credentials and deliver the finished certificates file to the proper certifications and privileges Facility (s) for evaluation and development.

If you apply to join Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. (KFHP), your application will be evaluated by the relevant Credentials and Privileges (C&P) Committee. The Committee will send you a letter notifying you of their judgment. You may not treat Kaiser Permanente members until the C&P Committee has admitted your credentialing.

If you need opportunities at any Kaiser Foundation Hospital (KFH) and ambulatory surgical center, you will be sent a separate privileging application from each KFH facility where you require advantages. Certain documents must be delivered to the Medical Staff Credentials Office for processing. The KFH Board of Directors will review your credentialing and privileging applications. Each applicable hospital and Ambulatory Surgical Center will assign you a letter acquainting you of the Board’s decision. You will also be informed if interim privileges are given before Board approval. You may not offer services at any KFH hospital or ambulatory surgical center until you have work and advantages from that Facility.

PLEASE Remark: Privileges awarded at one place are not transferable to another. Each Facility provides its own set of benefits.If you seek a job with The Permanente Medical Group, Inc., you must first pass credentialing. The recruiting manager/chief and the HR department will be advised of the credentialing decision. You may not start working until all employment standards have been met.

Step 1:Before starting the credentialing request

To make the form fill, you will require the following details:

• California and other licenses/certificates, including DEA, are essential,

• Previous job background (month and year)

• Kaiser Permanente course
• Prior individual/organization practices
• Professional associations (clinic staff memberships and facility agreements)

• Education and training cover maintaining medical/professional education (monthly and yearly), contemporary professional references, and current and former professional liability coverage.

Would you please provide at least 30 minutes to finish the online application? Once you start the application method, you will be ready to collect your records and pay them at a later time until the application is submitted and validated.

Step 2: When submitting your credentialing request

Please make it sure
You must have an applicable license.

You have a DEA (if applicable) that displays your contemporary practice location

All pages are concluded

• all relevant ‘Does not apply’ boxes are marked

• all Yes/No questions are explained, including sub-questions

• Information is given where needed (negligence cases, time gaps, criminal convictions, etc.)

• date limits are entered in the correct arrangement, e.g., MM/YYYY

Social security number is presented
Time gaps more significant than three months since graduation from medical school are described in writing

While you are filling out your application
To avoid data loss, please save and close your application regularly while working on it.

If you require application-specific assistance, please see ‘Help with application program’ in the menu bar or contact us.

Would you please save and close your application before submitting it to guarantee that all of your changes are saved? To submit your application, you must first open it.

Step 3: Following the submission of the credentialing application

Please include copies of the following
• Licenses/certificates
• Policy declarations, or other proof of liability coverage,
• CV, or resume

Steps to follow
We will begin the verification process once we receive your entire application and the needed documents (completed and signed, where applicable). If we have any queries or need additional information, we will contact you right away.

Would you please allow 10 to 12 weeks for credentials and prioritization approval?

How to get Re-Credentialing?

Every three years, you need to be credentialed. We assess, among other things, the following:
• Patient complaint issues
• Activities aimed at improving quality
• Member contentment
Kaiser Permanente may also implement other quality measures. We may also carry a facility or medical record audit at any time in response to patient complaints or other issues.

Kaiser Foundation Phone number

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 1-510-625-5608. We’ll be available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week.

Kaiser Foundation Email Address

If you have any questions or would want to contact us about getting verified and accredited, please email us at the address shown below. As a result, we can provide you with the best proposed solution based on your needs and desires. Regional-Credentialing-Online-Apps@kp.org.

Kaiser Foundation Enrollment Application

You can get relevant form that website to get credentialed with this foundation to offer great services and best out of you to customers and patients too. www.providers.kp.org/mas/forms