MetLife Dental Credentialing Services

MetLife credentialing takes time and is complicated. Furthermore, current, reliable provider data is vital to the entire healthcare ecosystem. A lack of visibility into information, such as what care providers can provide, where they can provide care, and what insurance is accepted, has a direct impact on patient outcomes.

When the process of managing this information is time-consuming because information is held in critical credentialing systems or on paper, clinicians cannot be appropriately scheduled to care for patients, providers become irritated, and both treatment and billings are delayed.

Stop losing patients because you are not MetLife Certified

MetLife-specific credentialing services are available through us. MetLife has accredited hundreds of physicians and hospitals. The ACA has resulted in an exponential increase in the number of people who are insured. Patients also prefer to be treated by in-network doctors. As a result, it is now more vital than ever to implement an efficient credentialing procedure.

Join together with a team that has proven knowledge in MetLife credentialing and payer enrolment maintenance to shorten the credentialing process and accelerate approval timelines.

Who are we and who we will assist you?

Our company provides credentialing and provider enrolling services with over 20 years of experience. We have worked at MetLife and served in a variety of divisions and roles. Our credentialing team is well-versed in MetLife’s credentialing methods.

Where we are working

We are your local credentialing company, and we operate similarly to your in-house credentialing department. All certification tasks are completed in the United States.

Our products and services

You can choose from thousands of participating general dentists and specialists nationwide with MetLife’s Preferred Dentist Program, a dental preferred provider organization (DPPO) plan. As a result, you are certain to locate one that suits your requirements. You’ll also appreciate.

1) Reduced dental physician expenses

Benefit from negotiated fees that are often 15% to 45 percent less than the average prices in the same community. All participating dentists have agreed to accept the agreed-upon prices as full payment for covered treatments. Negotiated prices may even apply to services given after the plan s maximum has been reached.

The ability to visit any dentist

You can go to your regular dentist or any certified dentist in or out of the network. However, with one of the industry’s largest dental networks, there’s a high possibility your dentist is in the network.

It’s comforting to know that all participating dentists must meet stringent selection criteria. If you are travelling internationally and require emergency dental care, you can even get assistance in locating a local dentist.

Less paperwork equals more service

Dentists usually handle claims for you, so there’s less paperwork—also it’s simple to maintain your plan by phone or online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

While you are at the office, you or your dentist can get a pre-treatment estimate for an upcoming service.

Here are some of the reasons why you should collaborate with us

  1. Working with our MetLife credentialing team saves you hundreds of hours
  2. We verify the credentials of ancillary providers and physicians
  3. Within 24 hours, our team will provide an update on your credentialing status
  4. We provide CAQH registration and maintenance assistance
  5. Our professionals create and evaluate payer fee schedules
  6. License and DEA management assistance is available

Our credentialing auditors audit credentialing data on a quarterly basis. Our company provide workers compensation credentialing.

We combine decades of credentialing industry knowledge to provide you with services that strengthen patient connections and income prospects. Accept additional physicians or extend your organization without worrying about accreditation.

How our services will keep your Credentialing Process less hectic

We understand that credentialing can be a time-consuming and complicated procedure, especially if you work with many providers. Because of this, total credentialing by House of Outsourcing  will serve as your own credentialing partner.

Lower the expense of manual credentialing

Spend less time and money on credentialing – we will manage, credential, and verify your candidates, allowing you to focus on what you do best: developing your practice.

Reduce the likelihood of noncompliance

Outsource your credentialing needs to eliminate the risk of human mistake and other compliance issues without jeopardizing the health or safety of your patients.

Gain an advantage in the marketplace

Get your prospective candidates accredited and employed as soon as possible so that you can deliver the finest service possible to your clients.


The advantages of collaborating with us include speedier credentialing

Save time by using the intuitive, user-friendly credentialing interface.

 Allow providers to upload and sign papers electronically

Improve access to reliable provider information Exchange data between provider credentialing, provider scheduling, and other workforce management systems. API access allows the platform to be integrated with third-party solutions.

Improve patient accessibility

Reduce the length of the on boarding process so that professionals may give treatment to patients more quickly.

Enhance provider satisfaction

Allow providers to manage their own credentialing profiles, avoiding time-consuming emails and phone calls and improving the provider experience.

Increase revenue more quickly

Reduce the time it takes from provider hire to patient visits, increasing your capacity to boost income.