Metropolitan Credentialing Services for your Independent Practice

Please fill out the form below to start the credentialing process. IMPORTANT: If you intend to participate in Metro Plus at more than one practice location, please fill out this form for each additional practice location. It is important to note that the information for all sites (to be credentialed/contracted) must be included on the CAQH application.

Our Mission

With our integrated healthcare system, we provide a caring, high-quality customer experience in order to protect and improve the health and lives of New Yorkers.

Our Vision

To be the most popular plan in the areas we serve. Our Fundamental Principles

Be kind and compassionate to everyone.

• Be customer-driven: Align everyday tasks with positive, meaningful customer experiences; communicate with internal and external customers.

• Be proud of what we accomplish: Accept responsibility and accountability; be solution-oriented.

• Assemble a group: Build trust, empower others, and advocate for open communication.

• Thrive in the face of change: Using technology and data, we can spark and promote innovation while also transforming our business.

Our Specialist will help you get credentialed right away!

We will primarily evaluate your educational history, career experience, certificates, and registration to practice in a healthcare sector during the credentialing process. We will track your progress throughout the credentialing test in order to determine your education, training, credentials, and registration to practice in a health care context. We will check all of your paperwork to ensure that you are certified by one of the world’s most prestigious healthcare specialists. As a team, we are committed to long-term development. We will assist you in obtaining the services you require. This is how we show our thanks for our consumers and our commitment to their satisfaction.

What is the purpose of Credentialing?

To verify the competency and conduct of healthcare workers servicing clients in our network, credentials are evaluated in compliance with our policy requirements. We accredit qualified health care practitioners with whom the company intends to form contracts and advertise to its members.

Credentialing Requirement for Metropolitan:

You’ll be direct to the online form, where you have to put all necessary details asked by them.

• First Name
• Last Name
• Middle Name
• Suffix
• Date of Birth
• Degree
• NY Reg. License Number
• Individual NPI Number
• CAQH Provide Id Number
• Specialty
• Practicing Clinical Email
• Primary Practice Name
• Primary Practice Address
• Primary Practice City
• Primary Practice Zip Code
• Primary Practice Appointment Phone
• Credential Agent Email Confirm
• Credential Agent Phone
• Primary Practice Phone


Yours information will be used to re-credential, commonly known as re-attestation. It is the process of logging into CAQH ProView, changing your information as necessary, and then attesting, or certifying, that all of the information is correct. Retesting is required every 120 days.

Metropolitan Phone Number

Please call 1-800-475-6387 (METRO) or TTY: 711 to talk with a Metro Plus representative.

Metropolitan Enrollment Form

Enrollment Period has been extended through the end of this year.  Don’t miss your chance to enroll now! In addition to the New York State of Health qualified health plans, MetroPlusHealth also offers Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Essential Plans, and other health coverage ALL YEAR LONG – at little or no cost to you.

Metropolitan Email Address

You can also email us at: with any questions.

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