Mutual of Omaha Provider Enrollment

Mutual of Omaha provider enrollment is one of the great titans of today’s insurance industry. Individual, group, and worker healthcare benefits are available through the mutual of Omaha’s connected insurance providers, which can be accessed on the mutual of Omaha’s. Through its United of Omaha Life Insurance segment, mutual of Omaha also offers Medicare supplement, disability, sickness, and long-term care insurance, as well as life insurance and annuities.

Our Mission

Our objective is to help doctors practise quality medicine by providing them with the tools, information, and financial incentives they need, ensuring that our members have access to high-quality service and affordable medical care. We start with primary care clinicians who want to coordinate the delivery of health care with Advantage programme, using risk-adjusted reimbursement to fund their medical groups’ continuous vitality and organizational development. To support all of these efforts, we seek to supply our providers with innovative and efficient technological tools and data.

How it Works


Each person who visits the Mutual of Omaha Provider Portal must first register. An email address and at least one TIN/NPI are necessary to register.

Create an account

By going to the Mutual of Omaha Provider Portal and clicking the Create an Account button.

Agreement on a License

Review the licensing agreement, accept it, and then move on to the next step.

Confirm the data

All fields must be filled out.

Password and Username

Make a Username

Enter your email address here.


On the Mutual of Omaha provider portal, double-check your information and click Finish.

You will receive a:

Confirmation screen for online self-registration

Within two business days, you will receive an email verifying your access request, as well as an email granting you access to the provider portal.

National Credentialing Committee

Representatives from all major clinical specialties, participating providers, and other important departments make up the committee. It has decision-making authority over all aspects relating to network participation permission and refusal during initial credentialing and re credentialing.


Practitioners and organizational providers must re-credential every three years under the Omaha Provider Enrollment programme. Re-credentialing begins about six months before the three-year cycle expires. A re-credentialing application is emailed to providers, which must be filled out completely, signed, and returned as quickly as possible with all needed verifications attached.

During the re credentialing process, any credentialing information that is subject to change must be verified from primary sources. To ensure conformity with Omaha provider enrollment criteria, providers must go through a rigorous evaluation.

Change to the Status Bar or Address

Providers can assist in the upkeep of files by notifying Omaha Provider of any changes in status or address. Information can be contributed by calling their phone number or sending an email to their address. Failure to notify the Omaha provider environment of changes could result in a daily change of status, which could include suspension or termination from service. New practise affiliations, changes in address or license, and facility or programme involvement should all be reported to Omaha Provider Enrollment. It must contain all relevant facts.

Mutual of Omaha Credentialing Phone number

Please call our third-party provider, The Call Number, at 800-775-6000  to verify employment and status of application.

Mutual of Omaha Enrollment Application

Apply here and fill it correctly: In this way they’ll verify all your details and on constant basis notify you about your on-going procedures and progress respectively. Here you’ll find enrollment form:

Mutual of Omaha Enrollment Email

You can also send email from this address. To obtain information and communicate directly with our officers, please send an email

Benefits of mutual of Omaha provider enrollment

  • The Mutual of Omaha is strongly related to policy, which leads to traditional healthcare plans in the area. The mutual of Omaha Medical, which is inextricably tied to their present services, assists in the optimization of Original healthcare benefits in the following ways:
  • They value transparency because many seniors want to know about a company’s financial soundness, history, heritage, and business ethics before they buy. Mutual of Omaha has made it exceedingly simple to find and display information.
  • During the initial enrollment period, you are guaranteed acceptance with no health questions asked.
  • When you use the Mutual of Omaha provider registration programme, you have the freedom to choose any doctor or specialist you want without needing a referral, as long as they accept Mutual of Omaha plans.
  • When you use the Mutual of Omaha as your service provider, you’ll get wide-area coverage.
  • No matter how your situation changes, you’ll always be able to renew.

As long as you keep your policy, it will never be canceled. Furthermore, if you apply during the open enrollment period, you will not be denied coverage due to preexisting conditions.