Anesthesia Medical Billing Services

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The House of Outsourcing provides anesthesia medical billing services, credentialing and anesthesiologist A.R services. We also offer free practice audit & free first month billing services across the nation.

Anesthesia Billing Services for your Independent Practice

Billing for anesthesia is a particular difficult in the medical field. Anesthesiologists lose 20 to 35 percent of their planned turnover each year due to billing problems, delayed payments, and other challenges, which can be a considerable drain on both productivity and revenue.

The second component is having a competent and cohesive staff that is both individually and collectively knowledgeable about anesthesia billing. Knowing your modifiers, reporting qualifying circumstances, adding physical status modifiers, and appropriately computing time for anesthesia services can all make coding and billing for an aesthetic services hard and difficult to maintain compliance.

We Offer Free Practice Audit Tailored To Your Practice Needs with Free First Month Service

Unsure why your cardiology practice isn’t growing better financially? As a Medical Billing Specialist, we’ll help you find the issues – and create a strategy to succeed. Our Medical Billing audit services are 100% transparent and analyze your practice’s technical, follow up processes, denial management processes, Coding, including ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS, and medical terminology, Specific critical care units, specialty areas, and/or ancillary unity involved in a particular audit and all state and federal regulations concerning the use, disclosure, and confidentiality of all patient records.

Our Value

We deliver nothing less than expertise, knowledge, and precision to your practice while creating a revenue cycle free of flaws. Our team aims to make the billing, coding, claim submission, and payment posting processes as simple as possible. We make certain of this in order to help you get the most out of your reimbursements.

• Accounts receivable follow-up is done on a regular basis

• Prior authorization is done on a regular basis

• Our denials team works to move your attention away from denial management and toward denial prevention


Pre-operative Review: During this review, the patient’s familial and social background, as well as any dependencies on cigarettes, alcohol, or other substances, are documented in order to determine and arrive at the correct amount of anesthesia to be provided.

Sheet of Anesthesia: It entails documenting the following factors:

Base Units: The Base Units are the complexity and abilities required to perform the services. The higher the value of Base Units, the more complicated the method.

Time Units: This is the amount of time spent with the patient, either delivering anesthesia or monitoring the patient’s status during and after operation.

Modifiers: Other factors, such as the patient’s prior health status, the presence of co-morbidity factors, and other considerations, must be considered in an aesthetic billing.

Conversion Factor: A preset cash amount determined by each an aesthetic group in that state.

Anesthesia Reimbursement = (Base Units + Time Units + Modifiers) x Conversion Factor

Post-operative Review: Once the surgery is over, it is critical that the anesthesia physician awakens the patient from anesthesia. Monitoring and confirming that the patient did not experience any difficulties as a result of anesthesia must also be documented for accurate anesthesia billing.

How Do We Process?

• Charge submission process optimization

• Examining the Fee Schedule

• Contract review for Managed Care

• Payment posting and electronic claim filing

• Coding for CPT, ASA, and ICD-9

• Feedback on quality and consistency of provider charge documentation is provided on a regular basis

• Extensive connection with practice management employees on a regular basis

• Enrollment of providers with carriers

• Verification of insurance payments and automated underpayment review
Posting of line items

How Do We Follow-Up?

We do follow-up with insurance companies and patients as soon as possible and as aggressively as possible.

• Monitoring of payer performance

• Reporting on AR performance metrics and trends on a regular basis

• Budgeting and performance evaluation

• Delinquency management that is consistent

• Management of refunds

• Interaction with clients on a regular basis, both over the phone and in person

What We Offer to Our Anesthesiologist Clients?

We have established ourselves as a leading provider of Anesthesia billing services over the years. We offer complete anesthesia billing services, including

Billing and Coding for Anesthesia
We have handled high-volume and sophisticated billing demands for anesthetists, hospitals, and CRNAs on a regular basis. Our billing staff is well-versed in ICD codes, as well as those that are particular to anesthesia. We ensure that there are no billing problems or gaps in information flow, and that all bills presented are comprehensive and accurate in order to get full payment for the service.

Medical Provider Enrollment Services
Through credentialing services, we ensure that practices continue to provide the best level of patient care. Here, we check to see if the providers have agreements with the insurer and if the scope of their services is covered by the insurance. We handle attestation, paperwork, and current hospital privileges, as well as remaining up to date on compliance. We can assist providers with enrollment by enrolling them with a payer.

Eligibility Verification
We provide eligibility verification services to ensure that submitted claims are clean and have little or no chance of denial due to demographics or partial submission. To maximize upfront collection and improve patient satisfaction, we use a methodical way to establishing patient eligibility.

Contracting with Payers
As a leading provider of an anesthesia billing services, we organize your contacts in a matrix to assist you comprehend contract terms such as termination requirements, reimbursement history, filing deadlines, and the grace period to reply to requested changes. We will establish reminders for you to renegotiate contract conditions, audit EOB, allow you to make reasonable negotiations, examine Medicare schedules best suited for your practice, and more.

Fee Schedule Examination
We assist you in optimizing your revenue by keeping you up to date on the payer’s latest charge schedules. Our team will make certain that it is within a fair range and that the pay is modified in the invoice given to the insurance for reimbursement. As a leading anesthesia billing service provider, we do comprehensive account analysis to ensure that your clinic receives appropriate payment and avoids reimbursement disputes.

Reporting of High Quality
We regularly update files with updated new information, track denials promptly, increase quality control, and follow up on delinquencies to guarantee that the quality of submitted claims is up to par.

Checking for Compliance
Before submitting claims, we routinely review the list of compliances, beginning with HIPAA. We only file claims on your behalf provided they meet the standard compliances required by the payer and insurance regulating authority. This will reduce conflicts and increase pay. As a result, your RCM improves.

Our Experience

• We are aware of modifiers and understand how to utilize them correctly

• If judged and essential, submitting a number of qualifying situations to insurance firms

• Physical status modifications are being added

• Timetables for an aesthetic services properly

Benefits with House of Outsourcing®

• Anesthesia billing has its own set of difficulties

• Increase the percentage of claims reimbursed

• Experienced billers handle anesthesia specialty billing services

• Cut down on claim cycles and collection costs

• With anesthesia billing company, you can save your valuable time

• Increase your practice’s financial flow

• Our specialization is anesthesia billing service