Cardiology Medical Billing Services

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The House of Outsourcing provides cardiology medical billing services, credentialing and cardiology A.R services. We also offer free practice audit & free first month billing services across the nation.

Cardiology Medical Billing Services for your Independent Practice

We are extremely concerned with coding and billing procedures, and we work with our cardiologist to help them maximize their earnings while still complying with regulatory requirements. We handle daily billing and swiftly reply to claim denials and rejections. We set up charting and coding to comply with the annual payer modifications that you specify.

We Offer Free Practice Audit Tailored To Your Practice Needs with Free First Month Billing & Audit Service

Unsure why your cardiology practice isn’t growing better financially? As a Medical Billing Specialist, we’ll help you find the issues – and create a strategy to succeed. Our Medical Billing audit services are 100% transparent and analyze your practice’s technical, follow up processes, denial management processes, Coding, including ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS, and medical terminology, Specific critical care units, specialty areas, and/or ancillary unity involved in a particular audit and all state and federal regulations concerning the use, disclosure, and confidentiality of all patient records.

Specialist Cardiology Medical Billing and Coding Company

We understand that each medical specialty has its own set of needs that must be handled in the billing and revenue cycle management. Our cardiology billing team has the experience and skills to help you keep on top, whether you’re want to outsource all or some of your revenue cycle management operations. Your in-house personnel may be doing an excellent job managing some or all areas of your medical billing, but your office staff is responsible for a variety of other clinical tasks. Billing issues are sometimes given lower priority and suffer as a result. Our medical billing experts are solely focused on medical billing, they don’t do anything else. And because of our specialized knowledge, most of our clients are able to realize net benefits that substantially outweigh the cost of outsourcing medical billing to us.

Our Cardiology Medical Billing Process

We take care of cardiology medical bills properly and with the utmost openness. This allows us to show you how your investment yielded measurable outcomes. The following are the seven steps we take to boost your cash flow:
Gathering Requirements
We appoint a team of coding specialists after agreement to collect clinical data from your end. We enter the data into EHR and organize it for simple retrieval throughout and after the project.

Checking for Eligibility and Preauthorization
To ensure patient preauthorization, we check with insurers. We also perform a patient eligibility check to ensure that all insurer requirements are met.

Coding in the Medical Field
Our medical coders will convert your clinical records into ICD, CPT, and HCPCS medical codes that will be audited before reimbursement to guarantee compliance using HIPAA-approved techniques.

Service of Billing
We compile the result into the recommended format accepted by insurers after coding clinical data.

Data Quality Control
We check that the billed data is true and follow regulatory compliance before sending data to insurers over a secure connection.

Management of Denials
If claims are returned due to denial, we provide a denial management service to reevaluate the data, correct errors, and provide missing records. Before being resubmitted, the files are rechecked for quality.

What Benefits you will get by Outsourcing Cardiology Billing?

Recent advances in cardiology have improved treatment outcomes, but they have also resulted in new and more complex medical coding and billing system. Cardiac is a highly high-cost medical field, hence erroneous cardiology billing codes could result in significant income loss for practitioners. Because of the complexity of the constantly changing codes, there is a risk of errors, thus having a coding and billing team with cardiology experience is critical. Here are some of prominent salient benefits are given following

• Medical coding

• Accounts receivable and denial management

• Financial reporting

• Revenue cycle management solutions


Challenges Associated with Cardiology Medical Billing

Complications Start with Scheduling
The medical billing phase of the cardiology process begins with the confirmation of insurance coverage and payer requirements during the scheduling phase. Even minor data like whether the appointment took place in an in-patient, out-patient, or emergency room/urgent care setting must be categorized accurately or the claim may be denied.

Complex coding is required for complicated procedures and treatments
Cardiology billing and coding services rely heavily on modifiers. These additional number code subcategories are necessary to provide the information needed to be compensated for all services rendered. While unskilled coders can check up a procedure’s overall code, they frequently have no idea how many levels of modifiers they need to include or how many numerically coded details they need to add. Payers are increasingly bundling charges into single codes, which can make billing easier. However, coders must be aware of any deviations from the normal bundled goods and know how to itemize to avoid over- and under-coding.

Why Choose House of Outsourcing®?

With cardiology medical billing company becoming increasingly difficult and payers and medical institutions always want to save cost, a good revenue cycle management (RCM) system is becoming increasingly important. Medical professionals can focus on patients when they outsource billing and coding to House of outsourcing because their RCM is handled by qualified, certified specialists from start to end.

Certified Coders are on staff
Our cardiology billing services begin with scheduling and continue through all parts of billing and, if necessary, debt collection. Over 40 disciplines, including cardiology, are covered by our professional programmers. Our billers are trained to spot over- and under-coding red flags and ensure that clean claims are submitted.

We concentrate on coding and billing
We are able to stay up to speed on latest cardiology billing rules since we focus solely on coding and billing. We take care of daily billing, respond quickly to denials and rejections, and even handle chart and coding compliance, annual payer changes, and paybacks as needed. Here are salient features are given

• Compliance with HIPPA

• Expertise in multiple fields

• A/R days have decreased significantly

• In the first few months, collections increased by 25%

• A 40 percent reduction

• 97 percent of claims were reimbursed on the first try

• Service tailored to your needs

• Complete data protection

• Denials have dropped dramatically (Minimal financial disruption due to ICD-10)

• Procedures and costs that are transparent

• Web access available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week