Chiropractic Medical Billing Services

Chiropractic Medical Billing Services

We are a purpose-built medical billing company that assists physicians with relevant billing-related solutions. We are delighted to give you our knowledge with the certainty of measurable outcomes. With customization solutions, our technology and experience tailor to the particular needs of physicians’ billing requirements.

Increase Your Revenue

Revenue for our physicians increase by 35%. Our clients’ revenue increased as a result of outsourcing.

Save Money

A clear cost savings for chiropractic physicians. Outsourcing enabled our clients to save money in their profession.

There is No Revenue Loss

We use technology of higher quality, better business analytics enables us to go above and beyond for our clients in order to assure zero revenue loss.

Benefits of Outsourcing Us for Chiropractic Billing Services

  1. Improved Billing Compliance
  2. Faster Reimbursements
  3. Management of Denied Claims
  4. Regular and Insightful Reporting
  5. Qualified Billing Experts

We Support You in Submitting Cleaner Claims. Here’s how it works

  1. Before contacting the insurance, gather all of the essential patient information. These details include insurance coverage, address, phone number, SSN, and other information.
  2. Submit all claims electronically. Before submission, each file is audited to identify and correct any errors.
  3. Track the status of submitted claims on a regular basis and do follow-ups to verify that payments are made on schedule.
  4. Maintain compliance with the four main categories of mental health CPT codes and HBAI codes.
  5. Assist clinicians in billing for treatments such as chiropractic which are normally paid at a lesser rate.

Our Comprehensive Chiropractic Billing Process

The procedure begins with gathering patient information as well as insurance coverage details in order to submit clean claims.

Verification of Insurance Eligibility

Verification of policy details for inclusions and exclusions, as well as confirmation with carrier

Coding for Medical Procedures

Coding is done in accordance with the four main divisions of mental health CPT codes in order to properly explain the ailment and the medical approach.

Entry of Charge

All mental health CPT codes are meticulously matched to the medical services provided to a patient. This aids in accurately entering the service prices.

Claims Submission

The full claim documentation is filed in accordance with all of the processing standards established by the patient’s insurer.

Our Chiropractic Medical Billing Services also includes

Processing of Claims

We begin by gathering critical patient data such as patient demographics and insurance coverage information. The document is organized in accordance with the insurer’s standard practise. This ensures accurate documentation and also determines the insurance coverage’s active status. Co-insurance, co-payments, and deductibles are all topics we cover. Our data transactions are backed up by robust network security protocols. To ensure seamless billing, our team of experts monitors ageing reports, revenue cycle, and other relevant KPIs. We also support automatic crossover and the filing of secondary claims.

Payment Posting

We keep track of all invoiced charges owed to psychiatric consultants by patients. We post the payment on your medical billing system for claims reconciliation after receiving service reimbursements from patients and insurers. Following that, all necessary payment adjustments and transfers to secondary payers are made. Our effective payment posting solution keeps track of all collectibles in the billing system. The payment information that has been saved can be accessed at any moment for future reference.

Claim Follow-Up and Appeals

Partial payments or delays are extremely normal, but we can help you avoid them. We continually follow up with insurers to check about the status of the claim. After determining the reason for the denial, our AR specialists will assist you in filing a claim appeal. Our professionals keep you up to date at all times on the status of your submitted claims and denied claim files. This relieves your practice of the stress of receiving complete compensation for the services supplied.

Verification of Patients Benefits

We engage with insurance providers prior to a patient’s visit to determine the status of the patients’ coverage. To establish coverage validity, we add the coverage information provided by patients to the data provided by insurers. This also aids us in understanding the kind of services that are provided. We then transmit the list of benefits to mental health experts in order to help them create a health plan based on the benefits. Before the patient arrives, they are informed of their out-of-pocket charges, visit restrictions, deductibles, and other pertinent information. This allows them to avoid any unexpected fees on their invoice.

Patients Billing

We deliver invoices to patients on behalf of our clients by direct mail or email. We call them to keep them up to date on their bills and to answer any questions they have about their account and billing. Patients who do not pay on time receive payment reminders from our team on a regular basis. We send dunning letters requesting that they pay all outstanding debts through our referred licensed collection agency that you have approved.

Management of Digital Data

Our digital data management technology enables mental health care providers to view and track any outstanding claims, payment balances, and financial reports at any time and from any location. If you are too busy to speak about these data via email, we provide you secure access to our digital system. All KPIs are accessible and viewable from a single dashboard.

Analysis and Reporting

Following the completion of a monthly billing cycle, we generate a number of reports. These reports detail total payments received and charges incurred for the entire fiscal year to date. These reports can be used to identify and evaluate payment patterns. This will assist you in identifying areas of your service plan that can be improved to increase income production.