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Dental Medical Billing Services in USA for your Practice

Dental billing has to play an extremely important role in the dental hospitals and dental departments of such hospitals. Any hospital owner or even a manager cannot go one with the high cost they have to bear if they have an in-house medical billing department. But, before you start outsourcing your work to dental billing services providers, you must understand the concept and the pros of outsourcing your work to such a company. So, do read this article and make sure you understand what this kind of service provider has to offer to you and your patients. We shall also include some of the most frequently asked questions that can help you understand the best practices of this industry, as well as will let you know some amazing facts about this industry that can aid and help you in this matter. We will be starting with the types of dental billing services these companies provide.

How our Dental Billing & Coding Specialist team can help

Verification of Dental Insurance

This type of dental billing service is an essential part of any dental billing service that is actually the information that a dental billing service provider’s representative or medical billing specialist takes from the insurance company. Such a process allows the dental billing company to understand how they can charge the insurance company for the services their client (the dental hospital) has provided.

Dental Patients' Entry of Demographic Information

Dental billing services do have to go through entering the demographic information of the patients, which allows the procedure to further. This information has the following that all medical billing companies need to go on with the billing procedure:

• Name of the patient
• Number of insurance ID
• Location

Submission of Dental Claims

Submission of claims in dental billing services is the gateway to better cash flow for dental hospitals. This claim submission allows them to get the money they deserve for the services they have provided to the patients. As you must know, this submission of dental claims is a formal request for the reimbursement and payment of the expense and service fee dental hospitals claim for their services and expenses of the medical procedures done for patients’ treatment.

Follow-Up of Dental AR

Account receivable or A.R is the money that dental billing service providers have to pay the dental hospitals for the services they give to the patients. Such companies make sure that they follow up for this amount as promptly as possible, which allows them to improve the flow of cash for themselves and the dental hospitals they are working for. This promptness is the best solution for a better billing cycle for the hospitals. It allows customer satisfaction that these companies need to improve their customer experience to keep getting the business they want. Such procedures involve the posting of payments to the people who have to pay for the services they are getting.

Dental Denial Management

Dental hospitals that provide their services to people with dental issues have a danger of denial that can cause conflict. So, outsourcing your work to dental billing firms or companies can ease up your work as a healthcare professional. Dental billing companies do take care of these issues as they allow more promptness whenever there is a situation of denial. Such situations can arise because of different reasons. There can be the following reasons that can cause denial in a billing process:

• Errors in transcription
• Missing information or incomplete claim
• Duplicate billing
• Overlapping claims
• Wrong company billing

To ensure these factors do not come into play, companies have the best experts to sort out such issues and make the best out of the billing process.

Documents Authentication

Documents authentication can allow the best results in a dental claim. As there cannot be a completion of a claim if the documents are not authentic, you must understand this process is essential. So, looking for a claim can only be successful if this process is taken seriously.

Resubmission of Dental Claims

Such a process is part of denial management as there can be claims that are not in accordance with certain terms and conditions of insurance companies. Taking care of this process includes an appeal for reconsideration of the claim and submitting the application as a fresh claim.

E.O.B's or Explanation of Benefits

Dental billing companies do have the service of providing the information of certain information you need to understand the benefits of outsourcing your dental billing to billing companies. Such companies also do give information on co-payments options and deductibles.

Dental Billing Accounting Support and Financial Reports

Accounting can provide dental hospitals with the most important information that can allow them to evaluate the savings they are getting from the outsourcing they are doing. This also includes providing financial reports that are basically good enough to allow insight benefits a hospital is getting by outsourcing their work.

Practice must have dental billing & coding specialist

Once we have talked about the types of services dental billing service providers provide. There are some particular and very specific features of the people behind all the processes that allow these procedures to execute. Some of these features can allow the information for the people who are looking to get in touch with the people who are looking to hire a certain company. In the following there are some of them:

A Billing Specialist must be good communicator

Communication can help you in almost all fields, but if you are hiring someone who does not know how to communicate in an effective way to different insurances, especially when they are in the dental billing services industry, it can get really difficult. So, go for some company that gives experts to do the job of getting you through with your best billing issues.

Conflict Management and Sincerity

When a particular person is looking to get your dental billing done, they should be sincere in their efforts, or else it is a complete waste of time and money for you. Similarly, conflict management can be done only if the dental billing expert is doing his best to keep the margin of conflict as low as possible.

Hard Work and Smart Work

A dental billing expert must have the ability to do hard work as well as smart work to keep your dental billing procedure going smooth. If the specialist is too idle and lazy to do the work they have to get the process completed, it can be a total disaster. Similarly, if the billing expert knows the ways and tricks that can help keep them better than normal people, they can get their work done in a better way.

The Updated Knowledge and Information

Update knowledge and information of the industry is a must for the dental billing expert as they have to take care of certain things that need in-depth knowledge and info. So, if you are looking to hire a company that does dental billing for you, you should make sure the persons are trained enough.

Features of the Best Dental Billing Services

As we are on a mission of providing the best information about the medical billing companies, there should be a list of features that you should look for in a dental billing service. Some of them are as follows:

Denial Management

To be the best in the business, a dental billing company must have the ability to do denial management that a dental hospital could rely on. Such ability of dental billing companies allows them to make the cash flow going in the favor of the dental hospital or clinic.

The Ability of a Dental Billing Company to Scale-up

A dental billing company must have the feature of scaling up when needed. This feature allows a dental hospital to make sure that a billing service can provide you with the best frequency of work you need from them when your own business has started to extend in size.

Accuracy and Privacy

Accuracy and privacy in this industry are the best features a billing company can provide you with. Never go for a company that does not promise 100 per cent privacy and at least 98 per cent accuracy in the billing. When it comes to providing the services to your patients with privacy, there is always a way to keep your patients satisfied with the privacy of data you offer to them. And as there can be a data breach when you are outsourcing your work, make sure that you do not outsource your work to a company that does not care about the privacy of your patients. Similarly, if there is no accuracy in dental billing, there is no point in outsourcing your work to a company.


Q1: What do dental billers do?

Medical billers are responsible for the following:

• Management of current insurance practices
• Verification of claims for proper and clean reimbursements
• Following up and processing of insurance claims
• Coding information and documenting

Q2: How much do dental billing companies charge on average?

Such billing companies normally charge from U.S Dollars 1,500 to 1,600 a month.

Q3: How much do in-house dental billers take as a salary?

In-house medical billers may be paid U.S Dollars 18.26 per hour.

Q4: What do dental billing experts normally do?

Dental billing experts normally have to do things like the following:

• Reviewing medical records
• Translating the information
• Processing claims

Q5: Is dental billing companies worth it?

Yes, they not only save your time, but they are also cost-effective. Such companies allow a better cash flow for your dental hospital that allows better concentration on the medical procedures instead of managerial procedures.

Q6: What is the difference between medical billing and dental billing?

Medical billing requires procedure requires the information about the reasons for the procedures and codes as well. On the other hand, dental billing only requires a procedure code.

Q7: Is it difficult to do dental billing?

If you have the proper experience and the qualification you need, it is not difficult to go on and do this process as it is easy to do. You just have to understand how different processes in dental billing go.