Geriatric Billing Services

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The House of Outsourcing provides geriatric medical billing services, credentialing and geriatrician A.R services. We also offer free practice audit & free first month billing services across the nation.

Geriatric Medical Billing Services for your Practice Growth

Geriatricians are always busy in dealing with wide range of health issues related to the aging that include the chronic diseases and the deteriorating conditions. These chronic diseases are more common in older people as compared to the younger ones and such patients need an extensive care. Geriatrician need to focus and spend more time with these patients. Dealing with issues related to billing and other such issues can distract them from their core duty which is providing the health services. As the treatment of geriatric patient is an ongoing process and involves the diagnosis of various complexities at each visit, which makes the billing and coding a bit difficult and challenging and claims might be rejected due to duplicate bills. Therefore, an experienced outsource medical billing company is necessary to free doctors from extra billing burden to let them focus on patients and to avoid any sort of rejections.

Outsourcing the geriatric billing will also free the organization for hiring extra staff and managing extra staff for the coding and billing services.

House of Outsourcing Geriatric Medical Billing Services

House of Outsourcing geriatric medical billing is the perfect solution for the challenges you face in billing and coding process. We provide a timely and affordable solution for addressing your challenges efficiently and effectively by achieving highest reimbursement. We have an experienced team that makes sure that the claims submitted are error free so that there is no chance of rejection and helps to improve your revenue. This expertise is the reason that our geriatric billing services are flawless and diverse. House of Outsourcing follows full compliance with the HIPAA standards. Our team strictly adheres the rules and regulations that are put forward that guarantees the maximum generation of revenue and a minimum denial.

House of Outsourcing Geriatric Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

House of Outsourcing has the best required expertise and the infrastructure that provides the clients a wide range of billing services. Once you handover your billing services to us, then you can become carefree regarding your billings and the revenue cycle. Once received our coding team will take prompt action and code the services accurately and then send to the billing team that will make sure timely reimbursement of the claims. Henceforth, we assist you in managing your cash flow efficiently. Below are few of major services we offers to our clients.

Accurate Billing Services

Billing department makes sure that the bills are correctly submitted with all the required information so that any chance of delay and denial can be reduced. Quality checks are applied at multiple levels so make sure that the data is accurate.

Coding Services

Correct coding is also important for medical services providers. Our company will assist you in accurate coding according to the rules and regulations of the insurance companies. The clients only need to scan and send the patient records to us, then our coding expert team will analyze and code the data provided.

Eligibility Verification Services

It is the most important step in the medical billing and coding process. The biggest reason for the delay and denial of the claims is that the patient’s data is incorrect or insufficient. This causes to slow down the billing process. Our expert team offers fast and efficient eligibility verification to avoid any issue.

Claims Processing Services

The quality assurance team will go through the submitted claims twice to remove any errors and to highlight any missing information so that any chance of claim rejection can be minimized.

Follow up Process

Our company totally understands that continuous follow up is very important for making the reimbursement process faster. Our team is persistently in touch with the insurers through various mediums including calls and emails for the quick settlements of the claims. If any claims are completely denied or partially paid then our team analyzes them in detail, correct them and re submit them to the insurance companies.

Why to choose House of Outsourcing for Geriatric Practice

House of Outsourcing has a vast experience of providing the medical billing and coding services. Our clients are satisfied with our services and have a deep trust on us. Our clients include small clinics to big hospitals. Below are some of the advantages of outsourcing your geriatric medical billing to our company.

Flexible Pricing

There is a variation in the requirements of the billing and coding of different clients depending upon the multiple factors. This is the reason that we offer flexible pricing packages according to the need and requirements of the customers. Our packages are affordable and reasonable and compared to our competitors in the market.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA has a strict policy about the protection and privacy of the patient’s data. We are extra careful about the security and secrecy of the data. We provide special trainings to our team to fully comply with the rules and regulations by HIPAA. Regular audits are carried out at every step to ensure secrecy and confidentiality of the data.

Specialist Billing Team

We have an expert team who is trained and certified in billing and coding specialties. They are aware about all the processes and always updated about the new codes and rules and regulations.

Quick Turnaround time

In order to maintain revenue cycle, it is important to quickly process the reimbursements. Our professionals assure you timely payments by the insurance companies with daily processing and submitting the claims.

Fast Denial Tracking and Resolution

House of Outsourcing has a fast and a streamlined procedure of resolving the issues that cause denial of claims. Our experts take prompt action for the efficient resolution of disputes that cause delay or denial of claims.

Data Security

Patient’s data is kept confidential and is secure with us. Data is handled very carefully and is only accessible to the person who is authorized to access the data. Special arrangements are made to avoid any data breach.

Customized Services

House of Outsourcing provides customized services that are according to the requirement of the customers, so that the customers get exactly what they want. This is the reason that the customers are satisfied with our services and are able to generate more revenue and run their practices smoothly.