Interventional Radiology Medical Billing Services

Interventional Radiology Medical Billing Services

Interventional Radiology Medical billing is a time-consuming sort of medical service that necessitates extensive treatment plans for individuals. This time should not be used to try to address complex physical billing obligations. Even with the most vigilant and critical eye, mistakes in this form of medical invoicing are common.

Why Choose House Of Outsourcing Billing Services?

Entrusting your medical billing to our team of medical reimbursement specialists ensures that your claims are always submitted correctly and on time. Unlike most billing companies, which supply a single standard set of reports, we can fully customize reports to meet the specific needs of your clinic. Our online reports provide you with a detailed insight of your practice’s revenue cycle. Our cutting-edge billing technology, combined with our significant years of medical billing knowledge, will provide you with peace of mind while generating consistent cash flow. Our organization complies fully with HIPAA standards and maintains current on changes in Medicare compliance guidelines.

You’re Practice & Our Mission

Our employees concentrate on what is actually important: client service to make you happy financially. Your emails are addressed, your phone calls are answered, and your dedicated account manager manages your team of payment posters, billers, and a patient payment consultant with one purpose in mind: your satisfaction!

Our Account Managers will provide proactive revenue management, increased profitability, and ongoing communication to achieve complete corporate transparency.

What makes a medical billing company great?

There isn’t just one thing. It combines cutting-edge technology, an experienced staff, real-time, online reporting, and a thorough awareness of the ever-changing regulations of insurance criteria.


Everything we do is for the benefit of our clients. We are highly skilled medical billing specialists that are committed to assisting you with the administration so that you can focus on what you were designed to do – heal and treat your patients.


Our team has years of combined medical billing knowledge, so we can ensure that all of your claims are submitted accurately the first time. To keep up with industry changes, our workforce participates in ongoing trainings.


We’ve created tools to help us keep track of every single denial that has to be followed up on. Only clean and error-free claims will reach insurance firms.

What distinguishes us from everyone else?

We have worked in the health care, legal, and other fields. We recognize the importance and urgency of each of our solutions. We also understand that time is money, both for you and for us.

We are here to help you with everything you require across the continents and other places of the world, we have worldwide resources.

  1. Our clinical and administrative experience in this area enables us to provide you with the best service that is HIPAA compliant, secure, and of high quality.
  2. We exclusively employ cutting-edge technology and have the necessary hardware, software, and technical experience.
  3. Before it reaches you, each of our products/solutions has been tested and authorized for several months.
  4. Before they are signed up to provide service for you, every vendor we hire is tested, approved, and reviewed for compliance.
  5. Our marketing and customer service representatives are well-trained and will deliver a strong and proper follow-up 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  6. We place a premium on “personal service.” We are here to serve you. We will always keep our efforts focused on obtaining the necessary resources to maintain our service quality.
  7. As a company value, we recognize that providing a quality product and service keeps us in business, and we stand by our ability to do so.
  8. We have always maintained a flexible mindset in order to suit the needs of our customers. Our prices reflect the fact that our products are tailored to your specific requirements. Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

House of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services Will Include:

Consider the following when deciding between outsourcing and in-house transcription:

  1. Cost savings
  2. Verifiable increases in productivity
  3. There will be no loss in quality; in fact, it may even improve
  4. You only pay for the actual work done
  5. On weekends, we work
  6. There are no overtime expenses
  7. There are no taxes on employee salaries
  8. There are no employee benefits
  9. There are no advertising/recruitment charges
  10. Backup and future reference requires electronic storage and security
  11. We are available to work on weekends and holidays
  12. Any of our solutions can be tweaked in terms of turnaround time
  13. All of this is made feasible by digital technology, and with properly trained and managed global resources, quality is equivalent or superior