Lab Billing Services

Lab Billing Services

Our mission is simple: to help you minimize medical billing mistakes and enable the success of your healthcare lab. We understand that clinical and reference laboratories face a daunting number of challenges. The complexity of clinical laboratory billing, ever-increasing regulatory demands, inadequate legacy applications and difficulties accessing information can impede growth and hinder the success of your business.

We have been working with independent clinical, hospital outreach and reference labs for the years and have developed one of the most effective lab billing, coding and financial management services on the market today. Working with House of Outsourcing, clinical and reference labs can effectively manage high-volume claims, improve laboratory collection rates and gain revenue cycle management insight through in-depth financial management reports.

Best Lab Billing  Specialists

Lab billing process optimization is critical to ensuring sustainable, long-term processes for healthcare providers/practitioners. From improving the collections process to reducing payment denials, insurance follow-up, and a slew of administrative responsibilities, all while meeting healthcare standards, adds a layer of complexity to medical billing and consumes valuable time that should be spent on healthcare practise. Decide to outsource your lab billing to an experienced and top medical billing business to get the most practical and profitable solution to this problem.

Our Healthcare Services is a well-known medical billing company that provides a wide range of medical billing solutions to healthcare organisation and clinicians at a reasonable cost, including medical billing administration, medical insurance billing services, and more. When you outsource your medical billing services to us, you get world-class medical billing solutions that allow you to speed up revenue production, cut operating costs, and improve overall proficiency.

Key Indications That Help Us Being the Best

  1. Our Medical Billers and Coders guarantee a 40% reduction in your front-end denials
  2. With our products, we are removing the need for manual data entry and increasing system efficiency. Improving the accuracy of charges and increasing reimbursements
  3. Payment adjustments and reimbursements are being posted to help with cash flow
  4. Account manager assigned to you for all of your needs
  5. Lab billing services that are both high-quality and error-free
  6. Infrastructure that is cutting-edge in order to provide high-quality services
  7. Make use of the most up-to-date tools and technologies
  8. Services that can be easily scaled at any time
  9. To ensure error-free billing, quality control procedures and structured processes are used.
  10. Direct contact with billing and coding specialists
  11. With a real-time and dynamic dashboard, you can easily acquire insights into your hospital’s revenue side

We offer comprehensive Lab billing services, which comprise of

  1. The entire revenue cycle management workflow
  2. Medical coding that is both accurate and efficient
  3. Documentation and administrative chores have been improved
  4. Metrics that are insightful for better understanding
  5. Workflow integration application services
  6. Increasing data’s analytical power

The revenue cycle is becoming increasingly complex across specialties and high-volume facilities. The House of Outsourcing lab billing services can help you optimize revenue while using less resources in an easy-to-manage manner.

We are here to Support You

You are already aware that hospitals deal with life and death on a daily basis; the last thing they need to be concerned about is medical billing. We can assist you.

Accuracy Guaranteed

We follow the highest quality management standards and best practices as an ISO certified organisation to ensure proper billing for your facilities.

Expertise in the Field

We have a staff of qualified coders and billers who work with your hospital to streamline your lab billing and coding process.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Our employees are trained to provide results on time. This will allow your hospital’s revenue cycle to be streamlined.

Make More without Spending More

When you choose House of Outsourcing, you will immediately receive reimbursements and pay a reasonable amount of collections.

Solutions that Are Adaptable

Lab billing solutions for every stage of your practice’s life cycle are available from us. We are an adaptable enough to satisfy your evolving requirements.

  • You Can Help Yourself:We provide support that is convenient for you. You can reach out to us by phone or email. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your inquiries.

How we Raises the Bar of Our standards and Meeting Expectations?

Complete Compliance

Strict documentation requirements to ensure HIPAA-compliant processes across end-to-end billing systems.

Meticulous Claims Audits

Regular and extensive audits of denied claims are performed to identify the types of flaws or mistakes made in submitting the claim.

Comprehensive Training

Staff must be trained on a regular basis to ensure full and up-to-date knowledge of the rules imposed by various third-party payers.

We Maximize the Reimbursement Process and Streamline Laboratory Operations

Every step of the way, our staff collaborates with you to establish a tailored billing plan that is designed to fulfil your laboratory’s strategic business objectives. Our full-service laboratory billing department manages all aspects of laboratory billing, including technical and professional components, as well as in-network and out-of-network billing. In addition, House of Outsourcing provides the following services:

  1. Payments made directly to patients by payers are collected.
  2. LIS integration as well as data integration
  3. Tracking of Sales Representatives at the Collection Level
  4. Monitoring of admissions or patient encounters to verify that every case is submitted for reimbursement
  5. Pay attention to payments to ensure they are made at the agreed-upon rates.
  6. Appeals for molecular laboratory claims were refused because they were exploratory.
  7. Patient billing for unpaid balances
  8. Handle billing-related questions from patients.
  9. Pricing recommendations
  10. Ensure that financial reporting, coding, billing, and collections are all accurate.
  11. Increase revenue while processing low-value, high-volume claims at a cheap cost.
  12. Regulatory guidelines