Occupational Therapy Billing Services

Occupational Therapy Medical Billing Services

Our Mission to Serve Your Practice

We understand that one size does not fit all. Our objective is to always listen to our customers and provide great billing solutions, personalized assistance, and pleased patients.


We’re not like other billing service providers, and we enjoy it that way. Our aim is to raise the industry’s standard of service by offering new and innovative solutions that enable our customers to attain their maximum degree of success and efficiency.

We Listen, Help & Care

We have been a trusted name in revenue cycle management and that’s because our top medical billing agency provides extraordinary service and solutions in real-time that advance the standards of practice. With over years of experience Healthcare IT and billing management services experience, our professionals know how to get things done quickly and efficiently. House of Outsourcing medical billing company provides complete billing software & solutions to ensure that organizations of all sizes and specialties receive the services they need, including medical claims billing services, customer service, billing and coding, denied claims, denial management, RCM recovery assistance and practice management solutions.

How Our Medical Billing Services boost client revenue?

Fast & Accurate Claims Submission

When a service is provided, it is critical that the claim be submitted as soon as feasible. It is incredibly difficult for in-house workers to handle huge swings in claim volumes and submit everything on time. In almost all circumstances, our company’s staff of qualified professionals files claims in less than 48 hours. By submitting everything electronically, we are able to collect correct information and speed up the claim process by utilizing the most recent and best medical billing technologies.

Clean Claims

Before each claim is submitted, we assign an experienced biller who is knowledgeable with the subtleties of medical billing for your specialty to review it for errors. To maintain claim submissions accurate and efficient, we initiate claims using confirmed patient details and superbills. We take great delight in providing skilled and cost-effective back office support services.

System of Tracking

Every year, millions of dollars are lost as a result of underpaid claims being withdrawn. We make certain that you obtain the most amount of reimbursement possible by tracing each claim until it is paid, regardless of the amount.

Thorough Follow-up

Because we are HIPAA compliant, we are one of the most dependable medical billing companies in the United States. That is why, across our portfolio, we are known as the most trustworthy medical billing company. So, when you provide us with the personal information of your patients, it is our primary responsibility to protect that information against breaches and unauthorized access.

Occupational Therapy Account Receivable Management

All you require is a highly efficient occupational therapy medical billing solution that can assist you in increasing financial conversions. Every minute of your time as a medical practitioner is valuable. As a result, you must have dependable medical billing solutions that can assist you in tracking down every medical billing claim and ensuring that it is paid. No worries if you don’t have enough staffing flexibility! We offer professional medical billing and coding services to assist you.

You Have More Time for Your Patients

Occupational revenue management is complex, as is healthcare revenue management. We understand that your patients are your top priority. As a result, it is our job to ensure that you are paid each time you provide healthcare services to your patients. Healthcare practitioners work with us so that our certified staff can handle their account receivables and maintain your credit clean.

Your Dependable Medical Billing Partner

By depending on a reputable medical billing provider, you can expand your business’s potential. When it is difficult to follow up with specific insurance companies to obtain reimbursement for your services. House of Outsourcing provides you with the opportunity to take command of a well-experienced medical billing task force. This ensures that there are no errors in your billable medical claims. As a result, you will be paid on schedule and without any complications in the billing process.

Increase Revenue by Shortening the Reimbursement Cycle

House of Outsourcing provides the most dependable medical billing services to assist you relieve the stress of revenue cycle management and create profitable growth in your practice. It is our obligation to understand your needs and meet your expectations in order to gain your contentment. So, by outsourcing medical billing services to us, you have the ability to create an enhanced revenue stream while we have the opportunity to provide our clients with satisfying medical billing services.

We make no compromises in terms of service quality, whether you own a large or small medical office. Our clients are as valuable to our community as they are to us. We understand how difficult it is to provide high-quality healthcare services; consequently, we assist you in being compensated for your efforts in a shorter period of time. We listen to your needs, assess your current system, and then create a tailored solution to bring in more revenue faster and more easily.

We Offer Special Advantages

Increase in Revenue

Increases of at least 10% and up to 30% are possible.

High Volumes

Every day, hundreds of claims are processed thanks to an innovative technology.

Securing Data

Data transfer and encryption developed by top-tier security experts

Customized Services

Select only the services that will benefit your company.

Personalized Support

Each client has a manager assigned to them, as well as live phone assistance.

Pricing Without Risk

There are no hidden fees, and you only pay when your collections are successful.