Podiatry Medical Billing Services

Podiatry Medical Billing Services

Podiatry is a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries, and deformities of the human foot. Diagnosis, medical, and surgical treatment of problems of the foot, ankle, and lower extremity are all part of podiatric medicine. Medical, surgical, mechanical, and physical treatments of the foot are also included in this specialization.

Podiatry billing can be difficult in a variety of ways, from determining and proving the treatment’s medical necessity to code intricacies. Furthermore, because Medicare covers this demographic, podiatrist practices predominantly treat the elderly, necessitating additional billing and coding efforts. It also necessitates the careful application of modifiers and a thorough understanding of coding for inclusive procedures.

We Offer Free Practice Audit Tailored to Your Practice Needs with Free First Month Billing Service

Unsure why your cardiology practice isn’t growing better financially? As a Medical Billing Specialist, we’ll help you find the issues – and create a strategy to succeed. Our Medical Billing audit services are 100% transparent and analyze your practice’s technical, follow up processes, denial management processes, Coding, including ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS, and medical terminology, Specific critical care units, specialty areas, and/or ancillary unity involved in a particular audit and all state and federal regulations concerning the use, disclosure, and confidentiality of all patient records.

Our Core Podiatry Medical Billing Services

From the time a patient walks into the doctor’s office until the time the claim is submitted, our podiatrist billing professionals handle all of the essential follow-ups.

  1. Enrollment in the system – demographic and insurance data
  2. Insurance verifications and authorizations are two types of verifications
  3. Medical Coding
  4. Charge input, cash posting, and account reconciliation are all part of the billing and reconciliation process.
  5. Insurance collection, patient collection, AR follow-up, and collections are all examples of accounts receivable collections.

Why Should You Work With House of Outsourcing?

  1. Service that complies with HIPAA regulations
  2. Increased productivity and collection ratio
  3. Denials and inaccurate claims must be appealed in a timely and proactive manner
  4. A short turnaround time
  5. Flexibility in software usage
  6. Updates on code conformity on a regular basis
  7. There are no upfront costs or hidden fees
  8. Reports are sent out weekly or monthly
  9. Savings of 30-40 percent
  10. There are no yearly contracts
  11. On-demand customer care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Our Podiatry Medical Billing Services Includes

  1. Insurance claims are processed quickly
  2. Medicaid coding quality assurance
  3. Payments on accounts receivables that are processed quickly
  4. Financial reports in real time
  5. Consulting on practise management
  6. Your account will be serviced by a team of billing professionals.
  7. On-demand assistance
  8. Data migration to our PM software is free
  9. HIPPA-compliant file storage for the rest of your life

By implementing our solutions into your podiatry billing, you can eliminate all of the time-consuming administrative chores.

How Do We Help You To Reduce Administrative Burden?

Increase your practice’s productivity while also enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having a professional RCM team on your side. Our team relieves your practice of major administrative chores (e.g., handling denials, posting payments, and delivering patient statements) so you may spend more time with patients and cut your days in collections by 33% on average.

Submission of a Claim

  • We send your claims to payers quickly, whether they’re electronic or paper.

Posting Of Payment

  • We handle the time-consuming task of posting paper remittances.

Follow-Up with the Payer

  • We manage rework for denials and follow up on claims that haven’t received a response.

Billing for Patients

  • Your organization’s patient statements are printed and mailed on your behalf.

Entries Must Be Charged

  • Charges can be reviewed, Superbill charges can be entered, and Operative Reports can be coded.

Make a Claim for Errors

  • Wherever feasible, we correct claim inaccuracies so you get the entire amount due.

You’re Likely to Enjoy Benefits

  1. Increased revenue and improved collections
  2. Payments will be made faster, and you will be less stressed
  3. Your patient data and financial details are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  4. Transparency throughout the revenue cycle -Know where your money is
  5. Financial and practice management reporting in its entirety
  6. The security and comfort of knowing that your billing will be handled by professionals, and that your reimbursements and income will increase