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Let us do the rest house of outsourcing You take care of your patient Medical billing @2.99% house of outsourcing Dedicated medical billing team you can trust.

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    House of outsourcing

    Work with a Medical Billing Company
    that Delivers Valuable Results

    House of outsourcing is a leading healthcare management company specializing in revenue cycle management solutions with a primary goal to optimize revenue and ensure compliance by bridging high-end technology and personnel working together in an efficient and cost effective manner. We brings a unique industry perspective to its revenue cycle management solutions. We working in a complete multi-specialty environment in multiple institutions.


    House of outsourcing

    Reduce Your Costs While
    Increasing Income

    Our team system produces not only outcomes, but also detailed reports and the attention that you need to make your practice smooth.

    You are remunerated more quickly, able to easily track claims, and able to follow up all unpaid or partially paid claims, while having to contend with far fewer rejected claims.

    Appeal Denied Claims: All denied claims are automatically appealed.
    Patient Security: We follow all HIPAA privacy and security standards, your patient’s PHI is never at risk of being compromised.
    Enhanced Ability to Resolve All Billing Issues: All claims are handled quickly and accurately by our billers.
    24/7 Support: Our billing managers are always and easily accessible 24/7 to our clients

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