Best Medical Billing Companies

Going through a comparison of different service providers is always helpful for people who are looking to get the best service provider. As medical billing companies allow great help to the people who are in the medical field. May it be the managers of hospitals or any health care professionals who are looking for a great service to enhance the productivity of their practice?

Before you go for medical billing company as your helping hand, you must understand what the best features of one are. Moreover, you should try your best to find a company that could give you the best services. To make your medical billing efficient and cost-effective, you must study the features of such companies. We, in this article, are providing the best options of medical billing companies that will allow you to be one step ahead of other hospitals and clinics.

House of Outsourcing®

House of Outsourcing is a promising company with great features every healthcare provider needs to get their billing done. It has amazing features that enhance and boost your productivity through sheer professionalism and the best possible practices in medical billing.

This promising and rising company is offering great

  • Accuracy
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Unlimited customer service
  • E.H.R. and E.M.R. interfaces
  • No long-term contract
  • Denial management


House of outsourcing is an excellent rising professional service that provides the best accuracy, great unlimited customer service and other astounding features. So, if you are looking for a medical billing company, your first choice should be house of outsourcing. In addition, it is known for being cost-effective, a feature that you really need when you are looking to outsource your medical billing.


This company is one of the good prospects for the medical field in the coming years. They are considered one of the best options for overall medical outsourcing, but for medical billing too. And when we say overall, it means that it is suitable for medical billing for every level of medical professionals. Moreover, it does have good rates as it is one of the well-known companies.

Less Cost-effective

Although Advanced MD has great services, they are less cost-effective when it comes to using them with E.M.R. software. They provide their E.M.R. integrated solution in U.S. Dollars 729 per month.

Chart Logic

Like other medical billing companies, this company is in compliance with HIPAA and has the expertise of its services. It has been working since 1994 and does provide the data of your patients to the people who are authorized to access it through their dashboard.

E.H.R. Software
E.H.R. is the information for any medical billing company that can allow better functions and operations. However, chart Logic does provide you with the power to make your work easier and quicker.

Chart Logic is a great source of services if you are looking for a company that provides cost-effective services for your medical practice. It costs almost U.S. Dollars 20 per month for one user.


The claim management of this company is known for being a great deal of professionalism, which means that if you are looking for a medical billing service provider, this company may have good worth. It provides the patient information in one dashboard that makes it a great source of a fast-paced claim by improving the speed of the revenue cycle. If you are looking for a fast-paced cash flow, do give them a chance as they may prove to be a great option.

Check-in of the patients
This company allows real-time and advance payment collection from the patients that can allow you to keep your financial side covered for every type of medical service you are providing.

Health care professionals know Athena Collector as a better option for low budget projects. This medical billing service charges 4 to 7 per cent of medical billing that makes them a more cost-effective option for such operations.


This well-versed company has features like the following.

Integrated Access
This feature provides an excellent access point for all of their clients that are looking for the insurance information of a patient.

Denial Management
Denial management is one of the most hectic and conflict causing processes of medical billing, which they can handle a great way.

Insurance follow-up
Cure MD provides excellent insurance follow-up services that allow a better cash flow into your account.

Billing Paradise

Billing Paradise is one of the reasonable medical billing companies that allow a better revenue cycle that you deserve. The salient features of this company include the following:

Patients Records
Like other companies, it does have patient records in a fast-paced industry that needs this feature as the most essential feature of such companies.

The Fast-Paced Claim Processing
This feature is taken care of as the primary responsibility in this company that means they do believe in the best services for your medical practice.

Managing the Documents
Managing documents in the conventional medical billing processes used to be a time-taking task that would drain out energy from the medical billing expert. Billing Paradise makes it easy to manage different billing documents that make it an easy process for your in-house team looking for better information flow.

Human Medical Billing

This medical company is known for having their emphasis on the following:

Denial Management
Human medical is known for being good at denial management and provides these services with the best standards. So, if you are looking for a company that does not fall short of getting you the best results in difficult conditions, Human medical billing is a great option to go for.


Care cloud has an emphasis on the most frequently asked for features. This service provider company gives their services of better patients’ records.

Patients’ Record
Care cloud take cares of the patients’ record with the industry standards as they give the full patient information on one platform.

One of the Most Cost-Effective Companies
Care Cloud is one of the best cost-effective companies as per in the industry as they provide their services in 3 to 7 per cent of the billings they provide services for.


Q1: How much outsourcing medical billing charge?

These companies have an average of 7 per cent per claim as they provide you with the medical billing service. Therefore outsourcing your medical billing is always a great option to go for.

Q2: What is the best way to find the best medical billing services?

There are some simple steps to finding the best medical billing service company, which are as follows:

Q3: What are the most difficult things these medical billing companies do for you?

These companies allow a better cash flow that is a difficult thing to do with an untrained in-house team. These companies hire people who are trained to perform their tasks and the most difficult tasks they carry on for your company is conflict management in rejected claims.

Q4: What is A.R and how do medical billing companies make sure that the amount of A.R. stays in at a decent rate?

A.R. is the amount of money that medical billing companies are due to get from the health care providing companies. These companies make sure that they get a big amount or the commission for providing their services.

Q5: What are the three types of billing systems the healthcare sector runs through?

There are three types of billing systems that provide funds to healthcare providers at different levels. The three types are as follows:
Billing software vendors
The most traditional billing service offered by software vendors.
Boutique level medical billing.

Q6: What is the way such billing companies get paid through?

These companies get the billing fee, which is the percentage of the billing amount they get from different healthcare service providers.

Q7: What is meant by third party medical billing?

Third-party billing is a process of billing done through the companies that provide the payment for certain medical claims.

Q8: Do some medical billing companies have a start-up cost?

Yes, many of such companies do have start-up costs that can be up to U.S. Dollars 250, while some companies wave it off completely.

Q9: What percentage of medical billing should medical billing companies charge?

7 per cent is the average almost that all such companies charge.

Q10: Does outsourcing this work to outsource providing companies can save me money?

Yes, outsourcing to such companies can save you as the in-house staff costs more than outsourcing the work.

Q11: Is it feasible for doctors to do their billing?

The best practice is to outsource your work if you do not have the budget to hire an in-house team for this purpose.

Q12: What is the normal amount paid to these companies per month in the dental field?

The average cost paid to these companies is around U.S. Dollars 1,500 to 1,600 per month.