Dermatology Medical Billing Services

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The House of Outsourcing provides dermatology medical billing services, credentialing and dermatology A.R services. We also offer free practice audit & free first month billing services across the nation.

Dermatology Medical Billing Services

Dermatology billing can be intricate and difficult to understand because it has changed so much throughout the years. It necessitates a precise description of skin lesions, including their size, number, and location. Dermatology billing also necessitates thorough documentation of the biopsy, excision, and removal of the lesion.

Dermatology has altered at a quick pace, in addition to the ever-changing patterns of insurance and payment policies. Dermatology is become more than just a medical and surgical specialty. To prevent being under-compensated or having to deal with, a dermatology practice must adopt technology, seamless operations, and performance across many service lines. When you outsource your dermatology billing to a dermatology medical billing company, you gain access to a team of professionals who are skilled in end-to-end billing.

We Offer Free Practice Audit Tailored To Your Practice Needs with Free First Month Billing Service

Unsure why your cardiology practice isn’t growing better financially? As a Medical Billing Specialist, we’ll help you find the issues – and create a strategy to succeed. Our Medical Billing audit services are 100% transparent and analyze your practice’s technical, follow up processes, denial management processes, Coding, including ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS, and medical terminology, Specific critical care units, specialty areas, and/or ancillary unity involved in a particular audit and all state and federal regulations concerning the use, disclosure, and confidentiality of all patient records.

Our Value

We put our decades of experience assisting dermatology practices to good use. With extra benefits, we can minimize your employment and administrative costs, improve revenue, and assure compliance with all regulations.

• Most commercial insurance firms have been successful in handling medical claims

• Working with Medicare is a breeze, and you’ll be well-versed in state-specific Medicaid policies

• We help you save money while improving clinical and operational efficiency

Our Expertise

Our staff of medical billing and coding experts is knowledgeable about the peculiarities of dermatology billing. Our client list spans 50 states and includes a diverse spectrum of hospitals, physician practices, and medical billing organizations. Our coders follow CMS and AMA criteria and are qualified by the American Academy of Professional Coders in ICD-9/10, CPT, and HCPCS coding (AAPC).

Distinguishing Features
• Operational expenditures were reduced by 30-40 %

• Insurance errors have decreased

• Maximum reimbursement with the fewest denials

• Compliance with HIPAA

• QA checks are performed on a regular basis.

• Weekly and monthly reports that are tailored to your needs

• There are no yearly contracts that are longer than a year

• Technical support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days

• There are no hidden fees or start-up costs

Benefits Dermatology Billing Outsourcing

Dermatologists have a variety of reasons to outsource their medical billing needs. Aside from the fact that outsourcing makes financial sense for dermatology offices, there are a slew of other advantages to consider.

Boost Revenue
Professional medical billers and coders are educated to work tirelessly to increase the revenue of your clinic. The accuracy of each billing claim submission directly affects your revenue. This implies that if you don’t hire highly experienced medical billers, you’re putting your clinic at risk of losing money.

Cut down on hiring and staffing costs
Outsourcing medical billing services for your dermatological practice will save you money on hiring back-end personnel in addition to increasing revenue. When dermatologists hire in-house billers, they must deal with issues such as hiring, pay, and software costs, among other things. When you outsource, you will save more money in the long run.

Error Reduction
It’s critical that you don’t choose a billing crew that will file insurance claims with mistakes. Medical billing and coding methods have been thoroughly trained by professional dermatology billers. They will lower the chances of your claims being denied, allowing you to receive more money in the end.

Increase the credibility of your practice
Dermatology practices that bill erroneously risk seeming untrustworthy and losing patients as a result. Your practice will establish a good reputation as dependable and competent if each patient’s procedures are invoiced promptly and appropriately.

Collect accurate information
The majority of medical billing companies employ sophisticated software that can be integrated with your back-end systems. You’ll never be concerned about the status of patient claims, outstanding balances, or other financial information again. The intricate billing and coding procedures will be handled by your billers, while you can get real-time data at the touch of a button.

Make sure you’re in compliance with HIPAA
HIPAA compliance is something that professional dermatology medical billing firms are well-versed in. You’ll never have to be concerned about placing your practice in jeopardy due to a violation of patient privacy laws.

Spend more time focusing on patient care
You will lessen your workload and stress by entrusting your financial demands to a reputable medical billing business. Consider how much time you’ll be able to save by focusing on patient care instead.

What Makes Our Dermatology Billing Services So Special?

We provide a broad range of Dermatology Medical Billing Solutions to match your healthcare organization’s unique requirements. Our Medical Billing team has worked with a variety of short- and long-term care facilities, ranging from single-location hospitals to healthcare systems with several locations and specialty programmers. The following are some of the most prestigious hospitals and healthcare systems with which he has collaborated.

You gain access to many assets when you outsource your Dermatology billing services to us. Providing HIPAA compliant Dermatology billing services and utilizing front-line tools and technologies are just a few of the major reasons to choose us as your medical billing and coding partner.

Our professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your queries and provide prompt billing services. We offer medical billing and coding services that are both reasonable and customized.

• Our team will make sure that your front-end denials are reduced by 20%

• Reduce the risk of manual entry and increase the efficiency of the RCM system

• Improve the accuracy of the fees and collecting methods

• Negotiations that take place outside of the network

• To enhance cash flow, payments are posted and refunds are adjusted

• Your account manager will be responsible for all of your needs

• Provide high-quality dermatology billing and collection services that are free of errors

• As a result of speedier account receivable processing and timely follow-up,

• we have consistently enhanced our clients’ collection ratios

• Make use of the most up-to-date technology and tools

• At all times, provide services that are easily scalable

Specialized Billing Software

We use software that is specifically designed for the field of dermatology. On an expert level, this can distinguish all oncology classifications. It can process a large number of cases at the same time with the same level of precision and accuracy. This programme also does a good job of submitting required reports and tests on time and in a timely manner. Oncology-specific coding makes it more delicate and trustworthy. We have an expert coder on staff who can maximize claim reimbursement while minimizing losses.