Neurology Medical Billing Services

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The House of Outsourcing provides neurology medical billing services, credentialing and neurology A.R services. We also offer free practice audit & free first month billing services across the nation.

Neurology Medical Billing Services

There are numerous specific challenges to neurology billing, our experienced medical coders are well informed in how to manage them all, including cardiovascular, behavioral, interventional, and clinical. They are also specialists in neuro-immunology medical billing, sleep medicine billing, and neuro-rehabilitation medical billing.

With medical billing services specialized to neurology doctors like you, you may increase your revenue by 7.5 percent while decreasing your time in A/R. Our best-in-class medical billing services can assist neurology hospitals and clinics of any size around the country treat patients more profitably, allowing you to focus on your work while we handle the rest.

We Offer Free Practice Audit Tailored to Your Practice Needs with Free First Month Billing Service

Unsure why your cardiology practice isn’t growing better financially? As a Medical Billing Specialist, we’ll help you find the issues – and create a strategy to succeed. Our Medical Billing audit services are 100% transparent and analyze your practice’s technical, follow up processes, denial management processes, Coding, including ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS, and medical terminology, Specific critical care units, specialty areas, and/or ancillary unity involved in a particular audit and all state and federal regulations concerning the use, disclosure, and confidentiality of all patient records.

We Understand Neurology Billing Better

Get Real Results
Our medical billing services help our clients increase revenue while lowering insurance rejections.

Increase First-Pass Claim Resolution Rates to 90% or Higher
Our neurology medical billing system lowers data entry errors and insurance rejections below the national average. By continually assessing and streamlining claims procedures, we ensure that our practices receive first pass rates and are paid faster.

Increase net collection rates to 95-99 percent
We ensure that rightfully due claims are not uncollected by using an efficient submission procedure and following up on overdue payments from patients and carriers.

Increase Reimbursements by 10% – 20%
With a rise in FPA and a decrease in delinquent and unsettled income, neurology practices notice a 10-20% increase in cash flow practically immediately. Reduce your stress by outsourcing to house of outsourcing.

Hand-in-Hand Partnership

Our success is dependent on your success
Because we receive a share of your collections, we consider ourselves to be partners in your company. We form partnerships with each of our clients, rather than simply vendor-client interactions. At the end of the day, your success is our success, and we like collaborating with our clients to establish profitable enterprises.

Peace of Mind
Maintain your focus on your patients
Our office is outfitted with cutting-edge neurology medical billing software that is compatible with practically any hospital or clinic’s Electronic Medical Record system. Submitting your claims to the appropriate payer will be a rapid and effective process designed to result in consistent, healthy revenue for your clinic. We’ll assist you in eliminating concerns regarding claim pick-up, office clutter, and tardy payment.

What We Are Going to Do For You?

Don’t let your overhead detract from your bottom line
As a neurologist, your specialist equipment and property will account for the majority of your overhead costs. Billing errors, on the other hand, can end up costing you a lot of money even if you don’t include them in your typical overhead expenses. Furthermore, the way your billing team operates has a direct impact on your revenue: a billing error will cost you money right away, and it is entirely avoidable. A dedicated, specialized, and professional billing team can free up your office staff to focus on items that affect your practice’s day-to-day operations, while also cutting your fees and increasing your bottom line.

You should be compensated for your time, not simply your treatments
You’re probably aware that neurologists spend a significant amount of time working on patient cases without the patient present. The time you spend on a given patient is billable to their payer, whether it’s evaluating patient data and histories or looking at scans to reach a diagnosis. In neurology, not knowing how to bill this time is a common cause of lost revenue; however, by outsourcing to Quest, you can be confident that your time will be compensated in full, increasing your revenue and decreasing headaches during audits.

No matter where you practice, specialization is not a problem
Neurological processes and procedures differ, and your billing staff must stay current with whichever specialism you practice in. Because many neurological procedures are billed in a unique method, many billing teams will be unsure how to handle unexpected treatment types, which will both lower and delay your revenue while also causing headaches later on when an audit comes around. Whether you work in a private office, clinic, or hospital, our experts will know how to maximize revenue for your practice.

What is the Process Followed for Neurology Medical Billing?

Service Agreement Execution
When you sign a contract with us for a billing project, we handle all of the service execution documentation, including signing the business associate agreement.

Allocation of Practice Billing
Your neurology medical practice will be assigned to our project team, which includes AAPC certified coding and billing professionals as well as an account and project manager.

Capture of Data Using a Secure Channel
Clinical and insurance data can be transmitted over a highly secure software. You can also use an electronic health record and a document management system.

Service Billing
Our AAPC certified professionals, who are also skilled in ICD-10, ICD-11, and DSM-5 systems, use advanced neurology billing software to perform coding and billing activities in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

Data Quality Check
All claims are thoroughly reviewed to ensure that they adhere to insurer-specific and HIPAA rules. We only submit the claim if they meet all of the standards.

Management of Denials
We carefully examine the claims that are returned for mistakes and data availability. Before retransmission, we review and correct erroneous patient demographic and insurance data.

Submission of Final Claims
We submit claims in the format required by your insurance company. To maintain track of data while on the go, we file claims digitally. Through our reporting service, you may also get rapid updates on the status of claims from the insurer’s end.

Why House of Outsourcing®?

Here are some of the reasons why outsourcing neurology medical billing to us is a good idea:

• Data Security Management

• Precision and dependability

• Quick Turnaround

• Pricing Options That Are Flexible

• Software for Medical Billing

• Support for several file formats Skilled Team Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

• Availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week

What Benefits you will get by Working with Us?

We integrate cutting-edge RCM technology with the most competent team to create a revenue cycle that is leakage-free for your practice. Furthermore, we exclusively train your internal team on the most recent neurology billing and coding standards and regulations. We provide the following additional benefits in addition to a complaint process structure.

• Resources that have been trained on the most commonly used medical coding and revenue cycle software

• Successfully processed medical claims with the majority of commercial insurance companies, including UHC, WellPoint, Aetna, Humana BCBS, and Anthem, as well as government payers like Medicare.

• Working with Medicare successfully and understanding state-specific Medicaid policies

• We help you save money while improving clinical and operational efficiency.

Our Experience

• We are aware of modifiers and understand how to utilize them correctly

• If judged and essential, submitting a number of qualifying situations to insurance firms

• Physical status modifications are being added

• Timetables for an aesthetic services properly

Benefits with House of Outsourcing®

• Anesthesia billing has its own set of difficulties

• Increase the percentage of claims reimbursed

• Experienced billers handle anesthesia specialty billing services

• Cut down on claim cycles and collection costs

• With anesthesia billing company, you can save your valuable time

• Increase your practice’s financial flow

• Our specialization is anesthesia billing service