List of Transcription Services that Outsourcing Companies Provide to Hospitals

Outsourcing has been a great way of getting the best rate for the work you can get done in a smaller amount as compared to what your in-house team would cost you. As you must know that medical transcription is astoundingly a great source of amazing quality work to ease up your daily routine. And this too, without a great deal of difficulty in your routine, so when you are looking for services for your medical transcription, you should always have a comprehensive list of transcription types, which may actually be the types of services you are providing. It becomes easy for hospitals to outsource their work as it allows better, cost-effective and fast-paced work. We, in this article, are going to give you the ultimate list of the types of transcriptions your hospital can need. So, make sure that you understand and read the whole article and make as much out of it as you can. So that you could understand what would be the best company to outsource work to once you have set up a hospital and are managing it.

Discharge Summaries

As almost all medical professionals know what a discharge summary is. It is a document that gives information about the whole process of admission of a certain patient in the hospital. It is a greatly important document that mostly has the following in it:

• The reason why the patient was admitted and what was the health condition, disease or disorder?

• This summary should also include significant findings of the patients that could allow detailed information about the patient for any potential medical use.

• A discharge summary should give the information of the procedures of the treatment that patient was provided as well the medications.

• Perfecting it up would have the patient’s condition at the discharge.

• To finish it up, there should be the signature of the physician that was appointed for the treatment of the patient.

Operative Reports

In many medical procedures, there may be a need for operations to keep the patient healthy and doing well. So, there are operation transcription services provided by hospital transcription services providers if an operation has taken place. This facility does allow an amazing help for the surgeons to keep their patients’ data safe for future use and that too without too much effort.

History of the Patient

History of the patient is a separate type of transcription within a medical transcription, as it allows a complete overview of the health conditions, medicines used, operations, therapy, and even admissions to the hospitals. As this part allows a lot of insight into the medical conditions of the patient, almost all the medical transcription service providing companies use this type of service. Moreover, this way procedure of keeping data boosts up the hospitals’ pace to run their procedures.

Progress Notes

When you are looking to keep your patients’ records, it is a must for you to understand which medicine and therapies are working for them and which are not. Recording the information is simply progress notes that can allow the physicians a better understanding of the patient’s different conditions and has the potential of. This brings us to progress notes transcription that allows better health records to understand a patient’s progress over a particular set of medicines or therapies.

Medical transcriptions services providers do focus on this type of transcription when they are Transcripting data. So, if you are looking to set up your health care business that involves medical transcription, it is an amazing idea to outsource your work for this type of duty.

Different Types of Consultations

When it comes to consultations in a particular hospital, there are different procedures that physicians go for doing better health analysis of the patient. So, this one is up on our list as well and has an important role to play in the examination of the patient.
Moreover, as you might know, that there are different types of procedures and things like diagnosis, therapeutic interventions, and other services that make up the total improvement in a patient’s medical history.

Rehabilitation Reports

Rehabilitation is a part of different therapies done inside hospitals, which is sometimes done within the hospital premises. When you are looking for the best way to get your medical practice, you look for timesaving ways. And as medical transcription is one of them, this type of transcription can allow better health records as it maintains the total medical history of a patient. This kind of transcription allows a better understanding of the health a particular patient has been in. Sometimes, as you must know, certain conditions make a person addicted to a drug and giving the same drug as treatment may cause certain side effects. The doctor can understand through rehabilitation reports which medicine they can give.

Psychiatric Evaluations in Hospitals

Rehabilitation centers do have the procedures that other hospitals don’t have and similarly, there are other things that psychiatric hospitals do. They normally don’t have just medicines to give to the patients. They also keep them in a safe environment in the hospitals. Such procedures and conditions ensure the health of a psychiatric patient. So, if you run a psychiatric hospital, you have to keep the hospital going according to the manners that allow better concentration on the patients. This concentration enables a better health condition of the patient as the psychiatrists and even the psychologists do not have to take notes of psychiatric prescriptions, notes, and therapies. And as you must know as a healthcare professional, these notes are a must for future use; there must be the transcription of these procedures done.

If a medical transcription services provider does not have any such transcription, you must try hiring the one that does, or there will be major practical difficulties running your hospital.

Diagnostic Reports

In numerous cases, diagnosis is the basis of treatment a patient goes through when admitted to a hospital and during the visits. When the diagnosis is being made, several types of notes a healthcare professional has to take. So, do not deprive them of the opportunity to work in an environment that allows the facility of transcription services. Do hire a company that has the availability of such transcription as well, so that your employees could go on with the normal stuff they have to do. This includes the radiology and pathology reports that allow the doctors to understand the health condition, disease, or disorder a patient is suffering from.


Q1: What do medical professionals need from medical transcription companies as a hospital?

Medical professionals have the need for the most detailed oriented, quality work when they are looking for medical transcriptions. They need all sorts of medical transcriptions in the daily professional operations that allow them to treat, diagnose, and prescribe medicines to a patient. This means that they do have to take this to the next level, a level that allows better medical operations and saves their time.

Q2: Why do hospitals outsource their medical transcription work?

Medical transcription is a time-taking, hard, and sometimes hectic work for professionals that work at a hospital. Outsourcing their work saves them time and money and the energy that they can put into their work for better results professionally. This improvisation has been working for many years and has been making healthcare better.

Q3: What is the importance of medical transcriptionists in medical transcription?

Just like many other workers, a medical transcriptionist has to offer the expertise that every hospital asks for. They perform the amazing duty of going through the audios and then change the recordings to the text form. So, the duties of a medical transcriptionist for a hospital is an essential way to get better work done.

Q4: Do all hospitals need medical transcription outsource providers?

Yes, all modern hospitals need such transcription outsource providers to ease up their work for the better. Even on different levels of medical procedures and admission, these providers help keep hospitals’ work more manageable.

Q5: Do medical transcription outsource providers give quality work?

Yes, they even promise you up to 99 per cent accuracy that can keep your work going great with fewer problems of medical types. The medical transcriptionist a company get work done through is trained enough and qualified enough to understand the work they are doing for hospitals.

Q6: Transcriptionists with how much training and education do these medical services hire?

The total process of a school diploma takes around 6 months to 2 years. Above that, a person may have to do some training before they are hired for such a company that allows them to do medical transcription with some supervision.

Q7: What is the average typing speed of the medical transcriptionists that work with transcription services providers?

Such people should have at least 50 words per minute speed. If the transcriptionist has a better speed, they may earn better and do more quality work if they work smart enough.

Q8: What is the normal turnaround of medical transcription services?

The turnaround time for such transcriptions varies from company to company, but the normal time a medical transcriptionist needs is around 15 minutes for one transcription. If you are paying a low rate to these companies, the turnaround time may be up to 24 hours.

Q9: How much time does the transcription of a medical consultation take?

Such transcription work may take up to 21 hours, as this is the average turnaround time for such work. Other types may take up to 40 hours, including discharge summaries. Operative reports, progress notes, and diagnosis reports may be made in 21 hours as well.